[In-Depth Analysis] Which iPhone is Waterproof?

which iphone to buy as a waterproof

Which iphone is Waterproof?

There are many questions by the different iphone users that which iPhone is Waterproof?

By starting to explain first I will tell you the difference between “water resistant” and “waterproof”.   

Water resistant: means that the device is only protected by water up to accidental, means some limit 

Waterproof: means that the device is fully protected by water and can be easily used or tested but also have some conditions.

As we know by the passing time these devices are upgrading and getting different features and specs. Main nowadays one of the most top problems is waterproofing(if accidentally drop water in bath tube or using mobile in raining without any protection)

Here we will discuss some of the iPhones that are out now and are fully or partially waterproof. In this, we will discuss which one is best to buy.

which iphone is waterproof?
waterproof iphone

Are Iphone6 and 6s Waterproof?

These are two best of the Apple products. Apple doesn’t claim that these are waterproof Because these have many open ports same as the mic, headphone jack, lifting jack, ear and outside speaker.

But in case randomly by their users, they said that these iphone are water resistant up to some extent not as waterproof but can handle water up to some limits as they if they drop suddenly in 1-meter water and taken out within 10 seconds they will not have any issue.

But if taken out lately or have dropped more than 1-meter water then it can damages the devices  its means definitely it’s not a waterproof device

Are Iphone 7 and 7 Plus Waterproof?

This mobile is launched by the Apple in 2016 and have the best of the featured as its come with all the feature that Apple old devices have and the company claims it to be the ip67-rated(explains in the end)  so how they do it.

They remove the headjack and out rubber seals on all outside ad main thing they remove the home button and instead of it they gave a button not clickable but as a sensation of click featured by Apple taptic engine.

The whole phone sides are rubber sealed Apple only claims that It will survive only 1 meter for 30 min underwater. As above I said these tests are taken in a lab they don’t claim that it can survive in salty or fungs water or in sea water.

Many of the reviews that I am reading said that if accidentally drop more than 1-meter water the mobile get the damage.

The company does not take the claim of any damage done to the device done by the water.

As they have a seal intact to the inner side of the sim slot as if the water touches it, it changes the color and gets the red color so by this company knew that the device had been damaged by the water.

So I would also not recommend you these both devices as they are only water resistant not dully waterproofed    

Is Iphone 8 vs 8 Plus Waterproof?

These devices are launched by Apple in 2017. These devices have different specs and come in different shape and size.

The company claims them to be ip67-rated. I phone 8 and 8plus have the same design and shape as the iphone 7and 7plus but they carry different features than each other both iphone 8 and 8 plus.

Is iPhone X Waterproof?

Iphone X is the different one as it does not have any button on the screen and have an edge to edge screen that means it makes more comfortable for waterproofing these devices also get damages underwater more than 30min or more than 1 meter I also not recommended taking these devices  

Are Iphone XR, XS, and XMAX Waterproof?

These mobile are launched by Apple in 2018, these devices have the same shape as of IphoneX but the size is changed.

They have very different specs they all have the highest specs than any other older device of Apple.

The company complains to be ip68-rated these devices are water resistant if thrown in 2 meter of water for up to 1 hour or less. They can survive easily although beyond this the company don’t recommend you to try this if any damage was done by the water the company does not claim its warranty and repair it so be careful. But due to packed with the latest specs and the technique of waterproofing it think it’s the best.

What is IP67:

Resistant to dust, water for 1 meter up to 30min

What is IP68:

Resistant to dust, water for 2meter upto 1 or less hour


This reading is set by the Electro-technical commission IP stands for international protection

Which to buy as a use for waterproof.
Which to buy as a use for waterproof.

Which to buy as a use for waterproof?

I don’t recommend you to buy any of these devices if you are looking for waterproofing devices

But at least if u want to fo not too hard on them in the means of water then I recommend you the latest iphone XS, XR, XMAX because these are the devices that come with the IP68 and latest technique of waterproofing.

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Tell me what you think about my idea and also give the reviews and if I don’t remember something write in comments thanks

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