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5 Effortless Ways to Take a Screenshot on Mac?

Are You Wondering About How to Take Screenshot on Mac?

Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because you are at the best place to find how to take a screenshot on Mac.

Many people struggle to take a screenshot on Mac because there is no PrintScreen button. However, Mac OS has incredible features to take screenshots but if you start to take a lot of screenshots then you may see some limitations there. If you are using Mac OS X then you can use more powerful and amazing screenshot tools.

We are going to show you how can you take screenshots on Mac?

So, let’s get started without further ado:

You can take a screenshot using a couple of keyboard keys on your Mac. These keyboard key patterns are also called keyboard shortcuts. So, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots and save them too.

How to Take a Screenshot of Your Entire Screen on Mac and Save it?

You can take a screenshot of your entire screen by pressing Command+Shift+3  keys at the same time. It is a keyboard shortcut that will take a screenshot of your whole screen. After the screenshot being taken, it will be saved automatically on your desktop in PNG format.

How to Take a Screenshot of a Part of Your Screen and Save it?

So what if you want to take a partial screenshot of your screen on Mac. Well, there is a keyboard shortcut to that as well. All you need is to press Command+Shift+4 keys at once and you will see a part of your screen highlighted. Now, you can drag that highlighted screen with your mouse cursor and release your mouse button to that save the screenshot on your desktop in PNG format.

Tip: You can cancel the screenshot by pressing ESC key.  

Moreover, you can easily install iMessage on your Mac and take screenshots of your important texts from your colleagues, friends, and family.

How to Save Your Screenshot to the Clipboard Instead of a File?

There are times when we don’t feel like saving every screenshot we take and all we want is to directly send them over to the destination. Well, it’s pretty simple to do that on a mac.

You just need to modify your keyboard keys commands. For example, if you want to take a full screenshot and don’t want to save it as a file then you will press  CTRL+Command+Shift+3 to copy it to the clipboard.

The same goes for the partial screenshot on Mac. You need to add CTRL key to copy screenshots to the clipboard. For example, you have to press CTRL+Command+Shift+4 keys at once to copy your partial screenshot to the clipboard instead of a file.

How to Take a Timed Screenshot on Mac?

Sometimes, it’s hard to take screenshots of something important if you are doing it manually. You may end up a bit quick or late for a perfect screenshot. That’s where timed screenshot feature comes into the party.

You can take timed screenshots using grab application on Mac. You can open this application using spotlight. All you need is to press Command+Space button at once and write Grab and press Enter.  

Important Note: Grab will not open a window on your system but you will see it’s menu at the top of your screen.

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Now, click on Start Timer and you will see your system counting the time. Mac will automatically take a screenshot of the entire screen after 10 seconds. All the screenshots will be saved in the grab window. You can check and save them if you are happy with the results.

So you can take screenshots on Mac using these effortless ways. We haven’t added any third party software in this article. But, you want us to check, try and tell you the best software to take a screenshot on Mac then feel free to comment below or shoot an email using our Contact us page.


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