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[Full Solution] How to restore iCloud Backup with reset or without reset?

How to restore iCloud Backup with reset or without reset?

When you wanted to sell your iPhone or moving to a new iPhone. Probably you did not want to keep your previous data from in your iPhone. You definitely wanted to keep your data and apps in your backup store. So, you can easily install your desired apps. That’s why you wanted to restore the icloud backup.

restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup

The same condition applied when your iPhone got stolen or broken. So, if you have backup your data then easily you can restore your data. You can also delete your data in case of stolen your iPhone from iCloud. That’s why, knowing how to restore the iCloud backup is very important. In this article, I will give you the complete guide to restoring the iCloud backup.

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How to restore iPhone using iCloud?

Now, if you have new iPhone or reset your iPhone and you want to restore your data then follow the below guide.

  • Now you have reset the iPhone, now firstly press the home button.
  • Then select the language.
  • Select a country or region.
  • Chose your current network and login in.
  • Enable or disable your location service.
  • If, you want to get touch id and set it up.
  • When you reach apps and data screen, then select restore the icloud
  • Now enter the apple id and password.
  • Now you have the option to choose backup data. You can select to show all backups, from this you can also see old backup data.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup

How to restore iPhone data from iTunes?

It is true that Itunes is not used most often, and it is not very effective to create iPhone backups. But in new versions of iTunes, it has the option to store a backup of iPhone. SO, it’s a great way to create to iPhone backup.

  • Firstly, you need to connect your iPhone with your PC, if you have not connected your iPhone before with iTunes on that computer then it gives you a welcome note.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
  • Then you have to continue the process and agree the agreement to sync the data of your iPhone to Itunes. Now, If you do this, then you will have many options related to backup and restore your iPhone in summary page on iTunes.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
  • In the Backup sections, you will see the Restore Backup option, click on this to store Backup.
  • You can face one problem while processing this, you can see an error message “iPhone is switched on”. It means that your iPhone should be switched off before proceeding it further. For switching off the iPhone, you need to open setting on your iPhone. Then tap on your name on the top of the screen, then click on iCloud. Now scroll down until you see my iPhone, now toggle it off. Now enter a password for confirmation.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
  • After clicking on restoring on Backup in iTunes. A popup window will appear which have the option of current iterations available. Now click on the restore button.

After this your iPhone will run process automatically for restoring. Itunes let you know when the update will complete. After completion, you can disconnect the iPhone.

restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup

How to Restore iPhone iCloud Backup without resetting?

If you restore iPhone icloud backup with resetting, it will erase all your content and settings on your iPhone. In this method, we will share you how to restore iCloud Backup without resetting. We will share some good and efficient data recovery tool. Phone rescue is one of the software which helps to restore iCloud Backup.

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If, you use phone rescue to restore iCloud Backup. You can restore iCloud data in simple three steps. Its more interesting feature is that, it gives you the option to restore some specific content which you want to restore on iCloud.  Follow below step for restoring the iCloud backup.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the download page rescue and choose Phone rescue For iPhone and download on your MAC or PC system.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
  • Run Phone rescue on your system, and then connect your iPhone with your PC via USB cable. Then click on recover from the iCloud mode.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
  • Now login into your iCloud account and then a select iCloud backup option. Choose the backup files you want to download. Click on download the backup.
restore iCloud Backup
restore iCloud Backup
  • When the process completes, to check the files are download not click on the right arrow on the bottom right. Now restore those files by clicking on the button “restore them now”. Now you easily restore iCloud Backup using phone rescue.

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Last Words:

Using the above methods, you can easily restore the iCloud backup on any iOS device. These methods surely help you to restore any kind of data from iCloud. If you have any others to restore iCloud backup then please share with us in comments. We surely update our contact.



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