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Best Ways to Recover Forgot iPhone Passcode (100% Working Methods)

Best Ways to Recover Forgot iPhone Passcode (100% Working Methods)

Hey folk, I hope you are all must be doing well. Here we‘ll discuss how to recover Forgot iPhone Passcode. Setting a passcode on any machine which accepts passcode is a smart thing. It is a protective way to secure your machine. We will show you all the methods to recover forgot iPhone passcode.
Let’s talk about iPhone. As we already know iPhone is well known for its security because they provide you a secure environment.
You can have unlocked and bypass other mobile phones easily because they are all vulnerable. We are not saying that iPhone is not vulnerable but it is better than the rest in terms of security.
Forgot iPhone Passcode
When you forgot passcode on other mobiles and you can recover them but when you are using iPhone you should aware yourself with this that whenever you’ll forget iPhone passcode then you are in trouble.
It’s totally messy to recover iPhone passcode. Here you’ll get the ways by using these ways you’ll be able to recover forgot iPhone passcode easily.
You can also aware yourself that how to backup iPhone data without passcode before we reset iPhone passcode. Here we look at three cases.
Case 1: How to Reset iPhone passcode (If You Already Remember your iPhone Passcode)
Case2: How to Reset iPhone Passcode (If You Have Forgotten iPhone Passcode)
Case3: How to Recover your iPhone Data after resetting iPhone Passcode
Let’s talk about Case 1:

How to Reset or Recover iPhone passcode (If you Already Remember your iPhone Passcode)

recover iphone passcode
If you already know your iPhone password or have accessed your iPhone password then you can easily reset your iPhone passcode by using these simple steps.
Steps to recover Forgot iPhone Passcode:
  • Go to iPhone setting
  • General Setting
  • Touch ID
  • Passcode (iOS 7/8) or Passcode Lock (iOS 6)
  • Just enter the current passcode
  • Then select change password
  • Now just choose new passcode and enter the new passcode
  • Then all set and you are done.
Now let’s talk about case 2:

How to Recover iPhone Passcode (If You Have Forgotten iPhone Passcode)

I have already told you that if you have forgotten your iPhone passcode then it’s not too easy. You show have a backup of your iPhone.
When you have already taken your iPhone backup then you just need to reset your iPhone and recover your phone and then retrieve your data from backup. This is a good idea to reset and restore data.
Another good idea is if you don’t want data anymore and you also didn’t take backup your iPhone then you just need to reset your iPhone and then you’ll see that all of your mobile data will be lost and you’ll be using neat and clean mobile.
Try one of these best solutions to recover your iPhone. 😊

Reset and Restore your iPhone Passcode with iTunes (Solution 1):

If you have already forgotten your iPhone passcode then you are still able to recover your passcode using iTunes. iTunes is a software which helps you to do multiple things with your iPhone like it helps you to access your iPhone data from your computer. It helps you to add something to your iPhone,
To connect to iTunes and restore iPhone passcode, you just need to follow these simple steps:
restore iphone passcode
  • Step 1 is to press home + switch button
  • Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appear on the screen
  • Then you’ll see that your iPhone is connected to your iTunes
  • Now you just need to press recovery/restore button
  • Then the software will start downloading
  • Wait until software complete downloaded
  • Then press the restore button
  • Then you’ll see that your iPhone will restart and you’ll be able to use your iPhone easily with a new order
  • If you have already taken backup of your iPhone then you can backup your iPhone otherwise not

Important Note: This important note is this: sometime your iPhone will open the software download complete using iTunes. This issue is not with iTunes or cable. The issue is with your iPhone battery. Change your battery and repeat the steps and your iPhone data will recover.

Reset/ Restore locked iPhone Passcode using iCloud Find My Phone (Solution 2):

In your iPhone, find my phone should be ON in setting options for using this solution. If your Find My iPhone is turned on just follow these simple steps and restore your passcode without losing your data.
iphone passcode reset using icloud
  • Step 1: Go to and log in there with your apple or iCloud ID
  • Now Step 2: Click on Find My iPhone
  • Step 3: Click All Devices at the top of the window
  • Step 4: Select your iPhone device. Just click on Erase iPhone to erase your iPhone along with the forgotten passcode

recover iphone forgot passcode

  • Step 5 is to use your iPhone Assistant to restore the iCloud backup of your device
In this way, you’ll be able to access your iPhone and your data without entering passcode easily. This method is easy to use but for this step, you Find My iPhone option should be turned on.

Best ways to recover your data after Resetting iPhone (100% Working Method)

There are many ways to recover lost data of your iPhone device. If you feel that you lost your very important data then you can easily recover your data using dr.fone – recover (IOS) software. This software will help you to recover your almost all iPhone data after resetting iPhone.

Specification of dr. fone – Recover (IOS) Software:

dr. fone – iPhone recovery software will help you to recover your iPhone x/ 8/ 7/ 7 Plus/ SE/ 6S(plus)/ 6S/ 6(Plus)/ 5s/ 5c/5 / 4s/ 4/ 3 etc.
  • This software proved to be the world first iPhone and iPad recovery software
  • This software has highest apple data recovery rate in the iPhone industry
  • It will help you to recover data like videos, messages, contacts, notes, calls, pictures and etc.
  • you can recover lost those data which is lost due to jailbreak, deletion, device loss, and upgrade version etc.
  • It has many great features and you can select specific data you want to recover
How to Use dr. fone iPhone Recovery Software ?

  • First, download the software for windows or mac
  • Then install the software on windows or mac
  • Run the dr. fone – Recover (IOS)
  • Then launch the software
  • Now connect your iPhone to your windows or mac
You can see that this software has many options like Recover data, transfer data, repair your iPhone, erase data, switch data, backup and restore data, unlock phone lock screen and root etc.
dr fone iphone recovery software
  • Just click on the recover to recover your lost data
  • It will take some time in scanning data and then show you your data after complete scanning

recover lost data


  • The scanning time will depend on your data amount
  • You can see all of your lost data. Just select the data you want to recover

recover iphone lost data using dr fone

Using this way, you’ll be able to recover your iPhone lost data in no time with simple steps.

Let’s wrap it Up:

we have covered many things in this article like if you forgot your iPhone passcode then how you can recover forgot iPhone passcode easily.
The methods that we discussed in this article are the best methods we have ever tried. We want you to try those methods if you are feeling the same issue with your iPhone.
One more thing does not forget to share the knowledge to forwards. Always help others by sharing the knowledge. Sharing knowledge is caring. Share must because other people may able to get help using these methods.


Hey folks, I hope you have read all the methods. These methods can help you to recover iPhone passcode without any trouble. Let us know that which methods solve your problem. if you have another method then tell us. we love to hear that method and will add that method to this article as well. Thank you! if you like the article then ***Thumbs UP***


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  1. Be sure – Do not panic! In bulk cases, deleted files can restore – even if you have cleared the trash or did not used the trash when deleting files.
    For successful recovery lost data should implement some actions. Do not be discouraged – for this, it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of information technology, you also do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to a specialist professional for restoration of your lost information.

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