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[100% Fixed] How to Reboot Frozen iPad Instantly

If Your iPad is not Working then Follow these Simple Steps

What to do if Your iPad is Not Working and Frozen?

In the modern age, one of the most frustrating and annoying problems is when ‘iPad is Frozen’ and we don’t know what to do and how to reboot it right, especially when it happens on regular basis.

When an iPad is frozen, it is because of some apps conflict with each other or maybe an app has some corrupted files.

iPad is Frozen

The scenario of conflict is might arise with the operating system, and in some cases, the operating system could have corrupt files. Here is the answer to the question arose about iPad is frozen or some same issues. 

How to Reboot Your iPad?

If we just simply reboot the iPad, that will be enough to cure the problem. This is simply a great method to flush the memory the active applications are using and a good way to shut down apps that are causing the problems. But just don’t worry about data, it is saved.

Here are some reasons when you realize that reboot is necessary.

When you feel that iPad running slow or freezes for a little bit

Most of the computers will judge their performance degrade for a time if they are left running for days or maybe for weeks at a time. iPad is not much different from these computers. So, when you realize your iPad is running slower, try a quick reboot immediately.

When a particular application keeps crashing:

There are two ways to handle that kind of problem, one is to delete the application and download it again from Apple store, but before this try rebooting because it is a quite efficient way to fix things.

When You have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi:

Sometimes you enter the correct password of Wi-Fi but it does not connect to the internet, here also you should try rebooting the iPad.

When iPad Stops Making Audio Sounds:

A very common reason an iPad stop making sounds is the mute button has accidentally been switched on, which can be fixed on the control penal mute option, but if you do not want to go through this procedure, you should try reboot and problem will be resolved.

When the Onscreen Keyboard is Very Slow or Stops Popping Pp

Another problem like slowness of onscreen keyboard can resolve by restarting or rebooting procedure, so we see, a lot of problems can cure through it.

If Airplay Stops Working on iPad:

If you are trying to connect your iPad with your Apple TV and you are not able to get paired with TV correctly, first try this rebooting because reboot starts the device as fresh. If it is not connected even after, try rebooting, but this time do that for iPad, also you can try rebooting for both of the devices.

When the battery of iPad Drains too fast

There are many ways to save battery life, but if your iPad drains very fast, a quick reboot can be the cure of this problem.

When a Bluetooth device won’t connect

One of the familiar problems like above is connecting Bluetooth devices like wireless headphone to the iPad, so advice is the same as above explained if you are facing problem to connect Bluetooth devices with iPad, try rebooting the device.

iPad Shut down image

However, if you wonder about how to turn off an iPad, don’t worry you are not alone. The latest versions of iPad have nice software that allows you to easily shut down the iPad through menu options without using the power button. However, you can reboot iPad using the power button. 

  • First of all, hold down the Sleep/Wake button at top of the iPad.
  • Then, iPad screen would direct you to slide an onscreen button to power down the iPad, however, if iPad is frozen, you may not get this screen, so just keep holding the button.
  • After a little bit of time, iPad should shut down. When the screen becomes dark after few seconds, power it back up by holding down the same Sleep/Wake button. A logo of Apple will appear on your screen.

If all of the above rebooting does not solve the problem that you facing, there is no need of panic. Here are some other things you can try to solve your issues.

Delete the Offending App

This is possible that a single app causing the problem that ‘iPad is Frozen’. So when you reboot the iPad and still the problem is existing when the app is running, so it is best for you to reinstall the app or uninstall the app. 

You can delete the app by pressing the finger on the icon of the application, which is causing the problem and hold it until an X appears in the top right corner of the app. Then, touch this X button and the application will be deleted. 

Once the required application is deleted, you can reinstall this app again on the apple store. If you are finding it difficult to find that application, just go the app store, there is a tab named “Purchased” that will bring all of your previous downloaded applications.

Restore Your iPad to Factory Default:

Still, if the problem is not resolved and you are facing the problems with freeze issue, so it will be best if you restore your iPad to default factory settings. After that, you can restore your apps by a backup by syncing with iTunes. The result will cause the iPad to flush all of the available storage and memory and start freshly.

Well, You can restore the default factory settings by going into iTunes, then pick your iPad from the device list and then click on the restore button. That will prompt you to back up your iPad, which you will agree to do before restoring the iPad.

This above information can clear up any operating system or application problems. If your iPad continues to freeze after even the default factory settings, you should contact Apple Support or take your iPad to Apple retail store.

Final Words:

It is okay is your iPad is Frozen, you can follow these simple steps to fix it instantly. Let us know if you are facing any issues and tell us about your reviews and if anything you think is missing, comment in the section below.  

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