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[100% Free] How to Convert Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone Instantly

Are you Searching for MP3 to iPhone Ringtone Converter? [Apply These 100% Working Methods]

Hello Folk, I hope you are all must be doing well. Today we’ll discuss how to set any music format mp3 to iPhone Ringtone? There are many Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone Converter but only few of them work well. This is not too easy to set any audio to iPhone Ringtone. We have to do some mechanism to do this. Methods are very easy an 100% working if you follow. There are many methods to set mp3 songs to iPhone Ringtone. Best methods are the following:

  • Convert Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using iTunes
  • Convert Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using Movavi Video Converter

These are the methods which we are going to discuss in this article. Stay active and follow the steps. First of all, we’ll discuss how to convert mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using iTunes.

Convert Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using iTunes:

This is the best method to convert any music mp3 to iPhone Ringtone. As we know very well iPhone is a very secure device for use. It is not to easy to set any music or your own audio to iPhone Ringtone. So, iTunes is a software which helps us to these kinds of stuff. If you don’t have iTunes software then download iTunes from here.

Note:For this method, you should have iTunes software, connecting wire and iPhone for which you are going to make ringtone.

Steps to Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone Converter:
  • First of all, download music files from any source or make your own ringtone
  • Then download and install iTunes Software
  • Then drag and drop music files format mp3 from computer to iTunes library. If the music has been already added to iTunes then you can find it in the music library
  • Cut your music files for iPhone Ringtone. You have to cut the music files to less than 35 to 40 seconds. iPhone does not accept longer than 40 seconds ringtone. For this, you have to go to options in iTunes software then specify the start and stop time their to cut the music

mp3 to iphone ringtone

  • Create AAC Version for iPhone Ringtone. Mp3 music files are not recognized on iPhone. You have to convert mp3 for to AAC version within iTunes. For this just select the music file and in the music library and click on file menu >> Convert >> Create AAC version there

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  • Then drag out the AAC version from iTunes to Computer and change the format .m4a to .mr4. then save it and save back the iTunes music library.
  • Then sync your iPhone. when your sync will be done
  • Go to iPhone setting and select your ringtone and make your iPhone ringtone 😊

I hope you enjoyed this method. This will take your 5 to 10 mins to set music file mp3 to iPhone Ringtone. Don’t bother if you don’t like this method. Here it is another method. How to Convert mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using Movavi Video Converter

Convert mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using Movavi Video Converter:

Here is another and very simple method to convert any mp3 to iPhone Ringtone. You just need to do following simple steps to make an iPhone Ringtone. Here is step by step just follow the steps and make your iPhone Ringtones as many as you can.

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Steps to convert mp3 to iPhone Ringtone using Movavi:

Here are the following steps. Just focus and apply. You can use this Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone Converter easily without any problem. If you feel any problem then you can ask us. However, follow this step by step guide.

  • First of all, download the Movavi Ringtone Maker software from here
  • Then install the software on your computer
  • Then import any audio file from the computer. There is add media option on the left side of movavi software

mp3 to iphone ringtone

  • Then choose the required preset like for which kind of kind tone format you need. choose Ringtone for iPhone from the drop-down list

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mp3 to iphone ringtone

  • Then cut the audio file. You have to cut the music file less than 40 seconds

mp3 to iphone ringtone

  • Then convert and save the ringtone. When you’ll click on ringtone convert then converting will start. When it completed. A folder will open by default.

mp3 to iphone ringtone

  • Transfer the ringtone to your iPhone using iTunes. Just open iTunes software and copy the ringtone files and save in iTunes music library
  • Then go to iPhone setting and select the converted ringtone

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I hope you also like this method because of this comparatively best and simple method than the first method we just discussed.

Wrapping it Up:

We have discussed 2 methods here to convert mp3 to iPhone Ringtone. Both methods are 100% working and simple and reliable. Share them to forward. You can easily use Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone Converter for music. If you like these methods then just ***Thumbs Up***. If you feel any problem then you comment on the given comment box.

Let us know if you know the better method to convert mp3 to iPhone Ringtone. We’ll love to hear your method and will publish on this website. If you feel that there is a mistake in this article then you can point out. We’ll be very pleased to correct that mistake.   


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