[Top 8] Best Mac Cleaner Softwares Review for Mac

Best Mac Cleaner Software for Mac Review 2020

Mac Cleaner Apps keep your PC in shape by optimizing it with the deletion of unwanted Junk Files. The most common issue with Mac based Computers is of less space. There is already not enough space on your PC and the space that is available, keeps getting occupied by unwanted system and application files.

When you run into low storage space issue with your Mac, you have one of two options; either pay Apple to get more storage space or declutter your system by removing the unwanted files and folders from your PC.

The second option seems more reasonable because no matter how much memory you add to your Mac, it would eventually run out thanks to the Apps that you have installed on your System.

There are quite a lot of free as well as paid Mac Cleaner software that you can use to declutter your Mac.

Let’s briefly review some of the best Mac Cleaner Software that you can use to Clean your Mac Computer       

  • CCleaner

Developed by Prirform, CCleaner has been a top choice for Mac users all around the world. This software is famous for its nice and clean user interface and its powerful file scanning features. 

The free version of this software allows you to speed up your PC by deleting Junk files. It also offers some pretty great privacy protection features. If you want to get access to features like Automatic Browser Cleaning and real-time monitoring, then you’d have to buy the premium version. This tool is quite great if you are looking for basic features like PC optimization and Junk Files cleaning for your Mac.             

  • CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a great Mac cleaning tool that give you Real-time information about all the apps that are installed on your Mac. You can see which apps are taking the most space and you can delete files related to those apps.

The best thing about this app is its amazing Drag and Drop feature. You can simply go over to the file and drop it in the CleanMyMac X window to see all the details related with that app. This app gives you complete information about the space available on your disk drives so that you can start planning your decluttering strategy when you start running out of disk space.       

  • AVG Cleaner for Mac

After its huge success on Windows as well as android based operating systems, AVG cleaner is now available for Mac as well. This app has an interactive UI that let’s you deal with Junk files in an easy manner. 

AVG cleaner for Mac comes with 2 basic features. You can delete the Junk files from your disk drives as well as delete the duplicated files from your PC. The second one is kind of a unique feature that isn’t available on Most Mac Cleaner tools.    

  • AppCleaner

When you delete an app from your Mac, its related files still remain on your system unless you delete them manually. With AppCleaner, you won’t have to do that anymore. 

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AppCleaner comes with Drag and Drop features that you can use to remove an application from your Mac. And not just the installed app, this tool would get rid of all the files and folders related with this app that are present on your PC. With this tool, there won’t be even a trace of the file that you delete from your Mac.  


  • Disk Inventory X

This app is perfect for managing your Disk Drives for your Mac PC. This tool would give you a complete graphical representation of all the files that are available on the Mac along with space taken by these files. 

When the app first runs, you’d be asked to select a disk drive. When you do that, you’d see all the files present on that disk drive in a hierarchical format. You can clearly see the memory as well as the size taken up by the files. Then, you can choose to completely remove these files from your Mac to free up space.    

  • Smart Mac Care

This tool is your best choice for a Mac cleaner software if you are looking for an app that optimizes your Mac as well protects it from Malware and hostile hacking attempts. It helps you declutter your system by deleting the unwanted Junk files from your Mac.

This app lets you see your disk space usage. You can delete login details, junk files, caches, harmful or duplicate files and uninstall unwanted system files. This app would cater for your Mac cleaning as well as browser history cleaning needs. It has a great use interface that is easy to understand and use.           


  • Disk Clean Pro 


This tool removes unwanted junk files from your PC with one-click. Just run the app, go to the one click care settings from the menu and start the scan. You can do in-depth scanning as well with Disk Clean Pro. 

 This app is famous for its powerful Mac Cleaning features. For example, it deletes Cache, Log files from your Disk, incomplete downloads, Browsing History and Crash reports as well. You can clearly see the space taken up by each of the files on your system and you can get rid of the files that you don’t want on your PC.  


  • Drive Genius


Drive genius automates the process of scanning for Junk files on your Mac. It automatically detects the files that are affecting the performance of your system and then you can get rid of these files as you see fit. 

This tool can be used for data recovery, scanning and cleaning of junk files as well as for the detection of Viruses and Spyware. All these features come with a neat and clean user interface which makes it easier for you to navigate around the app. This tool also offers complete disk management features that you can use to Delete, rename and partition your disk drives.      

Final Words:

These are just some of the Mac Cleaning tools that are available over the internet. There are many other options that you can check out. But as far as the performance and the availability is concerned, these app are your best choice. Stay in touch with us for more latest news about Utility software for Mac computers.

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