[100% Working] How Can You Jailbreak iPhone Using These Untold Methods?

Complete Step by Step Guide to Jailbreak All iPhone Devices

  Complete Step by Step Guide to Jailbreak All iPhone Devices

how to jailbreak iphoneWe all want freedom, right? Well, the jailbreak is something that gives us freedom when it comes to mobile phones. We are going to show you  How Can You Jailbreak iPhone Using These Untold Methods 100% Working?

we’ll discuss How can I jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Tv? Many of you may know about jailbreak but most of the guys are not aware of jailbreak. This article for both people who know about this and who don’t know about this. In this article we’ll discuss jailbreak like:

  • What is jailbreak?
  • What to do with jailbreak?
  • What is the benefit of jailbreaking?
  • Is Jailbreak iPhone illegal?
  • After the jailbreak iPhone, my warranty will be void?
  • Is jailbreak iPhone the same as unblocking?
  • Can I use the app store and iTunes after jailbreak iPhone?
  • Will I brick my iPhone after jailbreak?
  • What is Cydia?
  • will jailbreak iPhone forbid me from updating iOS?
  • How many types of jailbreaking?
  • Can I get Appstore paid apps free by jailbreaking?
  • Is it easy to do jailbreak iPhone?
  • Will it cost anything to jailbreaking?
  • How can I jailbreak Old and New iPhone Devices?

We’ll discuss all these stuff in this article. if you know very well about jailbreaking then you just have to scroll the article and refresh your knowledge. If you don’t know then this article will help you a lot to do jailbreaking iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple tv at your home. At the end of the article, all jailbreaking methods are discussed. You just have to select the version and then learn how to jailbreak it. So let’s start.

What is jailbreak?

Jailbreak is basically about to free your iOS device from Apple’s restrictions to let you install anything you want to install in your iOS.

Jailbreak is a process which helps you to access those things which Apple wouldn’t normally let you access. You can crack things using jailbreak, install 3rd party applications, extensions and those applications which are not available on Appstore. Install these packages on your iPhone by jailbreaking. Non-jailbreak users can’t access these things. You can install now every extension that gives you complete access to your iPhone system settings. Jailbreak helps you to bypass things on your iPhone which makes your iPhone more user-friendly.

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What to do with jailbreak?

We can do multiple things using jailbreak. We can access those things which iPhone normally wouldn’t let us do like install 3rd party applications, cracked applications, unknown applications and etc.

What are the benefits of jailbreak?

There are hundreds of benefits of jailbreak. First of all, we should know why we need to jailbreak an iPhone. We need to jailbreak iPhone because in normal conditions we don’t really have access to install 3rd part applications, tweaks, and extensions.

Why we need to install 3rd party applications, tweaks, and extensions in our iPhone. The reason is this that we normally can able to add icons on our iPhone. We can’t do amendments in our iPhones. we can’t change the user interface in our iPhone.

For example, tweak helps use to have 4+ icons in our iPhone dock at once instead of by default 4. There are other tweaks that can provide shortcuts to draft new messages from anywhere for instance.

You can unlock your factory locks by using jailbreak. There are many people do jailbreak to unlock their iPhone. They charge you for unlocking your carrier. Now, if you know jailbreaking methods then you will not have to pay them for this. You can simply jailbreak your iPhone at homes.

Is jailbreak illegal?

The most important question is that the jailbreak is illegal or legal? The answer is that jailbreaking is completely legal, at least in the U.S. for a long time. Firstly, jailbreaking was considered illegal by US Government based on copyrighted issues. After a few years almost in July, 2010 US passed the rule that made the jailbreak legal.

If you are not a US citizen then don’t worry. You can also jailbreak your iPhone. many people are doing jailbreaking since 2007. Even iPhone doesn’t prevent you to do jailbreaking.

After Jailbreak iPhone my warranty will be void?

It’s a very interesting and important question that after jailbreak iPhone my warranty will be void? Will I be not able to repair my iPhone from Appstore? the answer is yes, your iPhone warranty will be void. If you go with a jailbroken iPhone to Appstore then they will simply refuse to repair your iPhone with these simple words “Your iPhone is jailbroken. In our policy, there is clearly written that hack iPhone is strongly forbidden”. If US Government gave your permission then it doesn’t mean that Apple will allow you to jailbreak iPhone.

Apple support on Jailbreaking:

“Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that hacks the iOS. It is also important to note that unauthorized modification of the iOS is a violation of the iPhone end-user license agreement and because of this, Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software.”

if you really want to take your iOS device to Appstore for repairing then there is a method. Using that method, you can take your iOS to Appstore with any warranty issue. Just restore your iPhone by the factory reset. Your iPhone comes back to its original position after factory reset. You can now take your mobile to Appstore for repairing. They will not refuse to repair your mobile now. If you go with a jailbroken mobile then they will not do the repair because it’s against their policy.

Jailbreaking does void my warranty?

Yes & No, AS jailbreaking your device is the opposite that apple want so if you go there and give them your jailbroke device they may say no directly, but due to it is legal by us government so they acknowledge their DMCA

But they have right that they can deny you to giving any services to your device as they see it is jailbroken. AS APPLE have mentioned that any unauthorized modification of ios may be lead to end user license agreement.

The best way of this is that you go there but make sure to restore your device in its old setting, By doing this any trace of jailbreaking of your device is one of they will easily claim your warranty because they can’t tell that your device is broken.

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Is Jailbreaking the same as unlocking?

There is a question that is jailbreaking the same as unlocking. The answer is no. we use jailbreaking first to unlock your iPhone. Jailbreaking is basically to install 3rd party applications, mods, and extensions. While unlocking is a different thing it allows the user to use iPhone on a different carrier.

Difference between jailbreaking and Unlocking:

There are many people who are confused about jailbreaking and unlocking. They think that jailbreaking and unlocking are the same things. Actually, there is a huge difference between them.  I already discussed jailbreaking in dept now talk about unlocking.

Definition of Unlocking:

Unlocking is used for removal of sim restriction on the modem. It allows users to use any carrier on the iPhone. There are two types of unlocking:

  • Software unlocks: iPhone is unlocked by the software
  • Hardware unlock: modification on hardware to unlock the iPhone

I prefer to use software method because it’s safe to use and you can revert back your iPhone. If you use the hardware method then there will many changes to iPhone damages. If you are not expert in hardware then don’t do that.

Is unlocking is illegal?

Yes, unlocking is illegal. On the other hand, the jailbreak is legal but unlocking is illegal. If you unlock country codes or iPhone factory lock then it will against the agreement and you may get jail. It’s illegal everywhere. You have to be careful while unlocking the iPhone.

Why do we need to unlock iPhone?

We need to unlock the iPhone because without unlock there is not any good reselling price. With the unlocked iPhone, there is a good reselling price in the market.

How to unlock iPhone Using Jailbreak or Unlock Methods?

We have to jailbreak first to unlock the iPhone. Then you can unlock your iPhone either from computer or mobile.

Will I Brick My iPhone After jailbreaking?

No, not really. We heard many horror stories that people brick their iPhone after jailbreaking. They mostly do it because they do not get success in jailbreaking. They stuck somewhere while jailbreaking and got panic when they brick their iPhone. You’ll not do it because you know the way. If you are stuck or went wrong then you can restore your iPhone by reset. Your iPhone will come back to its original position. You can restore your iPhone with these simple steps.

Can I use Appstore and iTunes after Jailbreaking?

Yes, you can use Appstore and iTunes after jailbreaking. There are many people who are confused about this that we cannot use Appstore and iTunes after restore. Basically, the jailbreaking does not affect anything. It just helps you to install blocked apps, extensions etc.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is just like Appstore where we can download and install apps, mods, and extensions. From Appstore, we can’t download mods, tweaks but from Cydia this is possible. All the apps are not free on Cydia but most of the apps are free.

Will jailbreak forbid me from updating iOS?

No really, when you install updated version of iOS then your jailbroken iPhone get back to its original position.  People avoid updating a new version of iOS because they will lose jailbreaking of iPhone. They don’t try to update iOS new version.

Mostly some people take backup of their phone and then update the new version of iOS and wait for the new jailbroken method for a new version of iOS. Hacker makes the jailbreak method for a new version of iOS and then people able to jailbreak their mobile again. We recommend you to turn off your updates on iOS if you really want to use Jailbroken device for a long time.

How many types of Jailbreaking?

There are 3 types of jailbreaking: Semi-tethered tethered and untethered. So, let’s start talking about these types.


This is the most desired jailbreak method of all of them. This untethered method allows us to jailbreak our devices. This untethered method helps us to run Cydia apps and tweaks and reboot devices with no consequences.


The semi-tethered method is vulnerable than untethered. Using this method, you will be able to reboot your mobile but with some consequences like after reboot, you may not able use Cydia apps. But this method is must better than the tethered method but untethered is the best of them.


This is the least desirable method. Using this method, you cannot reboot your device without doing a tethered boot. You may need a computer for this tethered boot. If you are not able to do this then you are just like a creek without a paddle.

Can I get paid apps free from apps store after Jailbreaking?

The answer is yes, but we do not recommend you to do this at all. We do not want you to use pirated stuff. This is illegal. We do not want you to steal the money of hardworking developers.  We do not give support for these kinds of illegal works.

Is it easy to Jailbreak Apple devices?

Nowadays, the jailbreak is easy. You just need a couple of software and run into your iOS and follow the steps to jailbreak your device. There are many useful methods discussed at the bottom of the article. If you don’t feel they are helpful then you can try others.

Will it Cost anything to do jailbreak?

No, it will not cost anything to do jailbreaking. Mostly hacker jailbreak method for free of costs. There is a rare chance for some costs on jailbreaking method. Mostly they ask for the donation on jailbreaking methods. If you cannot do then you have to pay.

If you know the way and you can do they why not free?

Why you have to pay if you can do it for free?

How Can I jailbreak my iPhone Mobile Phone?

 There are many ways to jailbreak them here are one of them. just open the link and follow the steps. You’ll get better help.

IOS 12.0 & 12.1

  • Ziyu’s: it will jailbreak all the devices that are latest.

iOS 11.2  & 11.3.1

  • Electra 1131: it will jailbreak all devices, including iPhone x

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iOS 11.0 & iOS 11.1.2

  • iOs 11.0 and iOs 11.1.2 will be jailbreak by Electra 1112: All iPhone Devices Included

iOS 10 & iOS 10.2

  • Yalu 102 on 64bit devices except iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

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iOS 9.2 & iOS 9.3.3

  • Pangu for Mac, Windows and for Linux

iOS 9.1

  • Pangu for Mac and for Windows

iOS 9 – 9.0.2

  • Pangu for Mac and for Windows

iOS 8.4.1

  • There is now one method updated name Taig for both windows and mac

iOS 8.3 & iOs 8.4.0

  • There is a method called TaiG for windows
  • PP for Mac

iOS 8.0 and iOS 8.12

  • There is one working method for this version is Pangu for both mac and windows

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Wrapping it Up:

We have discussed here in detailed about how to jailbreak iPhone. we have discussed many methods here for all iOS versions.  All the methods are 100% working and simple and reliable. Share them to forward. You can easily use these  100% working methods to jailbreak your iPhone. If you like these methods then just ***Thumbs Up***. If you feel any problem then you comment on the given comment box.

Let us know if you know the better methods to jailbreak iPhone. We’ll love to hear your method and will publish on this website. If you feel that there is a mistake in this article then you can point out. We’ll be very pleased to correct that mistake.   

Let me know one thing that is are you familiar with the devices that are discussed in this article?


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