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[Step by Step] How to Jailbreak FireStick for All Devices 2019

(For All Devices) How to Jailbreak FireStick 2019?

Best Ways to Jailbreak Firestick Kodi Without Any Issues

Hey folks, I hope you are all must be doing well. Today, we have a fantastic discussion to do. We’ll discuss how to jailbreak Firestick? First of all, I’ll tell you

    • What is Firestick?

  • What are the benefits of Firestick?

  • What kinds of channels can you get free with Firestick?

Now I am going to tell you everything about Firestick and how to jailbreak firestick.

What is Amazon Firestick?

Firestick is an Amazon small device like a flash drive which plugs into TV, HDMI port. This firestick enables us to watch stream contents like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Pandora, and much more using any TV over wifi.

Benefits of Firestick?

As I already told you that Amazon TV firestick is like a flash drive. We all know the benefits of the flash drive. you can take the flash drive anywhere. we can put flash drive anywhere like we can insert the flash drive in computers, TV’s, Laptops and Mobiles. So, these are the major benefits of firesticks.

What kinds of channels can you get free with Firestick?

These are the following channels that you can get free with firestick:

How to Jailbreak Firestick?

Frist of all, people think that is this illegal to jailbreak firestick? The answer is no. Amazon Tv Firestick is your private property. You can do anything with it. If you want to run pirated content on your firestick, then it is illegal.

However, don’t panic it’s not to difficult to jailbreak firestick. It is also not so easy to jailbreak firestick. Many People on the internet jailbreak firestick. I strongly recommended you not to buy these kinds of services. The only and strong reason is this that one day you have to learn following things on your own and I recommend you to learn now.

You need to follow the following steps, and you’ll be able to jailbreak your Amazon Tv Firestick easily in a couple of minutes.

Attention Amazone Firestick Users: The governments and ISPs all over the world monitors their user’s online activities regularly. If they found that you are using copyrighted content on your Fire Tv Stick, then you could get into a serious problem. If you want to save yourself from this get caught scene trouble, then you must use best Kodi VPN. VPN secures you from these kinds of problems.

I use Express VPN which is fastest, and it is the most secure VPN in the market. It is very easy to use and install on the devices. The company also provides 30 days money back guarantee with it. I suggest you to must use a best VPN software while you are using copyrighted content.

Steps to jailbreak Firestick (Amazon):

There are following steps to jailbreak the firestick. Follow the steps carefully.

First of all,  you need to Setting up the FireStick for jailbreak.

1st Step: Setting Up Amazon TV Firestick jailbreak:

First of all, you need to navigate the setting option using firestick remote.

  • Now select device

amazon firestick settings

  • Go to developer option and turn on the ADB debugging and then turn on Apps from Unknown source

firestick step 1

  • Now again navigate setting and go to the Application. Now turn of the collect apps usage data

firestick step 2

These steps will ensure that you Amazon TV Firestick is set to be unlocked. Now get ready for the 2nd step which is tricky and do it carefully.

2nd Step: Install ES File Explorer on FireStick

ES File Explorer is a very useful application. We need to use this application to jailbreak Amazon Firestick and run Kodi on it. If you are worried about this application, either it is paid or not then answer is that this application is free.

  • First of all, go to Amazon apps store
  • Then search ES File Explorer

search es file explorer

  • Then you’ll see the following searches and then select ES File Explorer
  • Now click download and install ES File Explorer on your firestick

Es File Explorer

  • Once download completed then open and start using it

How to install Kodi After Jailbreaking FireStick?

Now comes to Kodi on Amazon firestick. Install Kodi is the last step to jailbreak firestick. You should now about Kodi first. What is Kodi? Kodi is an application which will open an entire world of free multimedia content on your Amazon Firestick.

Note: There are many other contents also which will be pirated. You must be careful about them. You must use a best Kodi VPN to save yourself from security troubles. I already told you that use Express VPN because it is the best VPN I ever used.

Follow the Steps to install Kodi on Amazon Firestick:

  • Scroll down the ES File Explorer menu on the left side and navigate to Tools
  • Then select Download Manager
  • Then select +new

install kodi using ES File Explorer

  • You’ll see pop up screen, and there will be two options Path and Name

steps to install kodi

  • First, insert path <>
  • Then insert name <Kodi Krypton>
  • Make sure that URL is working and then click on Download Button
  • Once the Apk file is downloaded, then click on the install button

how to Install Kodi

  • Now use Amazon Firestick TV remote’s navigation button to go down and click the install button

install kodi

Congratulation, your Amazon TV firestick is 100% jailbroken. Now you need to go to Kodi home screen. This is how Kodi looks like on your Amazon Fire TV Stick device.


Note: Sometimes Kodi app takes some time to open so don’t panic.

Final Words:

We have covered many things in this article. I’ll add more things in future about how to jailbreak Amazon Firestick by your own. Stay tuned to get more updates.

If you are confused o stuck anywhere, then comment must. I’ll solve your query. I am damn sure that you’ll not confuse anywhere and will successfully jailbreak your Amazon Firestick. If you like this guide then ***Thumbs Up***

one more thing is to share must because sharing is caring. If you share this article, then more people will able to get help y this guide and they will able to jailbreak their amazon firestick devices on their own.

If you have more methods then share with us. We would love to hear from you.


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