Everything You Need to Know About New iPhone X in 2019

iPhone 8 has been released in the market for over eight months now. And the next thing, you already know, and that is iPhone 9 or iPhone XI.

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We will update you with the all the recent updates about iPhone 9 (iPhone X2) rumors, release date, specs, price, and features.

  • When will the iPhone 9 be released?
  • Will Apple introduce one or two iPhones this year?
  • What will be the name of the new iPhone?
  • What will be the specs and features?
  • We got everything covered here.

iPhone 9/ iPhone XI Rumors:

Apple introduces a new iPhone every year in September since 2007. Recently, iPhone 8 and iPhone X has proved that Apple is a creative company and can come up with multiple iPhones at once.

However, there are plenty of ways that Apple can choose for the next generation of iPhone. We have heard rumors that Apple is willing to launch a cheaper iPhone this year with a new screen. The price of the new iPhone will be closer to iPhone 8 than iPhone X.

So, there is good news for those who were looking for something affordable from Apple. They may get what they want in September 2018 in the shape of iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 may have a 6.0-inch screen with a fast charging device in the box. According to a source, this new iPhone in 2018 might not have headphone adaptor as they want to make it cheaper this year. So the absence of headphone adaptor can reduce the overall cost for sure.

We also hear rumors that 2018 iPhone will have mix features of iPhone 8 as well as iPhone x with a larger screen.

Long story, short!

What are we expecting?

We are expecting a cheaper iPhone having mixed features with a larger screen.

When will iPhone 9 or New iPhone 2018 be released?

Hopefully, it will be released in September 2018.

What will be the price/cost of this new iPhone in 2018?

Price will be high, but it’ll be a cheaper iPhone as compared to iPhone X.

Apple New iPhone 2018 Name: What will be the Name of the next iPhone?

If we look at the name variations of iPhone since 2007, one thing is sure that Apple can name its product anything despite the history.

2007: iPhone
2008: iPhone 3G
2009: iPhone 3Gs
2010: iPhone 4
2011: iPhone 4s
2012: iPhone 5
2013: iPhone 5s
2014: iPhone 6
2015: iPhone 6s
2016: iPhone 7

So that was the sequence in which iPhones were being released by Apple. The year 2017 changed everything as iPhone 8, and iPhone X hit the market.

Now the question is,

What will be the name of the iPhone in 2018?

Will it be iPhone X2? Or Will it be iPhone 9 & iPhone 9s?

Bottom line,

Apple can name their next big thing whatever they want. But the company will try to keep their products name clean and straightforward. So, here are some suggestions.

iPhone X Plus
iPhone X2
iPhone 9
iPhone 9s
iPhone 9 Plus
iPhone 2018

Or directly iPhone and iPhone plus

For the sake of this example, we will use iPhone 9 as the name of the new iPhone in 2018.

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI Release Date:

For the past few years, Apple has been releasing its iPhone devices during special events held the first or second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. Apple has been following this pattern since the release of iPhone 5.

  • September 12, 2012: iPhone 5
  • September 10, 2013: iPhone 5s
  • September 9, 2014: iPhone 6
  • September 9, 2015: iPhone 6s
  • September 7, 2016: iPhone 7
  • September 12, 2017: iPhone 8
  • September 12, 2017: iPhone X

Even for shipping of its flagship devices, iPhone has been observed to follow a similar pattern since the release of iPhone 5. iPhone shipped all of its devices, the second Friday after the event. This has been the shipping pattern for the recently released iPhone devices with the exception of iPhone 6s which was shipped the Third Friday after the event and iPhone X, which was shipped on November 3, 2017.

  • September 21, 2012: iPhone 5
  • September 20, 2013: iPhone 5S
  • September 19, 2014: iPhone 6
  • September 25, 2015: iPhone 6s
  • September 16, 2016: iPhone 7
  • September 22, 2017: iPhone 8
  • November 3, 2017: iPhone X

Considering these past patterns, it is safe to assume that the new iPhone 9 / iPhone XI will also be released around these dates.

But still, don’t take it as the final word. Considering Apple’s previous marketing strategies, it is quite possible that they decide to go on a different date this time.

For Apple, appropriate product release timing has always been quite important and has been a part of their marketing strategy from the very first day.

Although Apple is expected to follow these dates for the release of the new device, so it is better to be aware of it beforehand, but, there can always be a possibility of change in the release and shipping dates.   

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI  Design:

With the release of the latest iPhone X, Apple has introduced an entirely new design for their devices.  The design is quite smooth and becoming popular among iPhone users, so it is quite logical to assume that Apple will stick with the same design for their new iPhone device.

This is not the first time they would be doing it by the way. Apple followed the same approach for its devices like iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S with very little changes in the design.

With iPhone 6 through iPhone 8, Apple changed the materials used for manufacturing and adopted new manufacturing processes, but still decided to go with the same design for about four years.     

  • iPhone 3G: Plastic shell (2008)
  • iPhone 4: Antenna band and glass back (2010)
  • iPhone 5: 16:9 aspect ratio, chamfered edges (2012)
  • iPhone 6: Bigger screens, rounded edges (2014)
  • iPhone X: Edge-to-edge display (2017)

It is quite possible that Apple will follow the same design approach as iPhone X this time as well. The edge-to-edge OLED display was truly a remarkable advancement in iPhone X. It was started by Apple with the debut of edge-to-edge OLED display that it will set the standard for future iPhone devices.  So, the new design is also expected to bring something like that.

It is also speculated that we will see iPhone will be of multiple sizes of the same design. Either way, talking about how amazing the iPhone designs have been lately, it is quite exciting to see what the new design will bring to the table.  

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI  Color:

Apple has always followed a consistent approach when choosing the coloring scheme for their iPhone devices. The finishing is quite spectacular and classy without a doubt. So far, apple has saved the new iPhone finishes for 2017s iPhone 7 Project RED special editions. Here is the review of the color finishing of some of the latest iPhone devices.

  • iPhone 5s: Gold
  • iPhone 6s: Rose gold
  • iPhone 7: Black and jet black
  • iPhone 7: RED (Product)
  • iPhone 8: gold “New”

All of these colors suited well with the new designs and had great user feedback. It is expected that iPhone 9 will also be the part of the same stream.

But still it is quite hard to say about the colors it will offer. If it is going to be like the ones mentioned above then Apple doesn’t need to worry about whether the users will like the color or not because these colors are already “Proven Successes” in the market.

With the release of Apple Watch Series 2 in White Ceramic, some people are expecting iPhone 9 / iPhone XI to be manufactured with the same material. Although this material is tougher than steel, it is uncertain what will it be able to hold up in big-sized devices?

Also, it is stated by Greg Koenig of Luma Labs that Apple is not using Ceramic material technology in the Watch Series anymore.

So there is little less than no hope for a Ceramic iPhones. It also stated the fact that with more reasonable technologies being around, Apple most likely won’t be using Ceramics for the production of the latest iPhone technologies.

Although Apple has lots of options to choose from, still, it is reasonable to expect some novelty in the color scheme of new iPhone 9 / iPhone XI.

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI  Specs:

Apple introduced company’s first branded System-On-Chip (SoC) in 2010. Since the release of SoC, a new A-series chipset is embedded in every new iPhone. iPhone 7 came with an A10 processor. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are expected to be shipped with Apple A11 processors.

A-Series Processors have proven to be extremely valuable in the manufacture of iPhone devices. These new SoC processors are faster, pack more power and are energy efficient.

Considering the edge that these processors give to Apple iPhones and the Apple’s past experience with these technologies, it is quite possible that the new iPhone will be from the same series of processors as the previous devices.

There have been reports that Apple has already started developing A12 chips for the next iPhone.

Apple has also been integrating coprocessors in the iPhone to enhance the performance of components like Motion Voice Activation, fusion cares, and neural engines.

These components are quite delicate and require sophisticated processing power. Co-Processors amplify the processing speed of the main iPhone processor, thus making it faster and better.

Recent reports claim that Apple has started working on new ICs with 7 nano-meter design rather than the 10 nano-meter design and these chips are going to be smaller and faster than the ones previously used in iPhone devices.

These chips would be used to develop even slimmer devices with greater processing power. So it is clear that there are lots of advancements going on for iPhones as far as the processing speed is concerned so it is safe to assume that the new iPhone 9 / iPhone XI will come out to be quite a powerful flagship device.  

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI Price:

There has been no recent information about the price tag of iPhone 9 / iPhone XI so it is quite hard to predict how much it will cost.

But if we analyze the recent iPhone products then it can at least give a hint about iPhone 9’s price. It has been speculated that it is going to be at least as expensive as iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 was released with the base price of about $699. Although this is way more than Huawei P20 but considering its power, this price tag is quite reasonable.

So if the new iPhone is a sequel to iPhone 8 then it is most likely going to cost about 699-799$. But don’t forget that iPhone X is also in the market.

iPhone X was released with the premium price of $999 but is expected to drop to $800-$900 in the coming future. Apple has been concerned about the negative impact of the high price a lot lately and is planning to lower it to maximize the sales of its latest products.

Some analysts are saying that if these new price strategies are implemented then the cost of the new iPhone will be around $600-$700. This would be quite a remarkable change and will surely create more loyal customers which have always been Apple’s topmost priority.

Some reports claim that Apple will source its screen from LG now rather than from Samsung. Although it is not confirmed that was it an actual deal or just a random theory so far, there are no signs of such thing happening.

The bottom line is unless we get more information about the new iPhone, it is hard to predict how exactly how much it will cost based on the information we have so far.             

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI  Features:

There is no reliable news about the features that will be added to the new iPhone. But recently, Apple has been adding some pretty high tech features to their devices.

In the late 2017s, Apple introduced technologies like Face ID and Wireless charging with fast charging mode.

Water resistance is getting quite old but still, it is one of the top-rated features of all of the latest iPhone devices. With all these awesome technologies being around, Apple is expected to add more amazing features with these existing ones to the latest iPhone 9 / iPhone XI.     

Will there be a touch ID or Face ID in iPhone 9?

With the release of iPhone X, Apple deleted the home button and the Touch ID. Instead, iPhone X came with Face ID feature.

Face recognition technology was introduced to make the devices more secure. But the question is, what will iPhone 9 come with? Face ID or touch ID?

Well, it turns out that it highly depends upon the display being used. If Apple decides to go for near-edge-to-edge OLED display for iPhone 9 then it won’t have ID touch fingerprint sensor.

Instead, there will be a face recognition system which was introduced for the first time in the latest iPhone X.

Sad for the people who like Touch ID better than Face ID, but quite fascinating for the people who are more into high tech stuff like face recognition. 

Although the Face ID technology is quite impressive and it is one of the reasons for the instant success of iPhone X, it is safe to assume that touch ID could make a comeback in the future iPhone products.

In case, Apple decides to go for the display below OLED level then it is quite possible that we will see Touch ID again in iPhone products.

It makes sense if they use below the OLED level display in iPhone 9 to sell it at a lower price as their new pricing strategy. It could effectively increase company’s current sales.

There are lots of factors which determine what technology will be used by Apple like Company’s Pricing Policy and the user Feedback etc. So, it is quite early to say whether it will have Face ID or Touch ID.         

Will it Have Something Like an iPad Pro Style Smart Connector?

Apple has proven itself to be the leading most innovative company in the market. They always strive to come up with pretty decent ideas and then try to implement it on a large scale.

Another important thing to note here is, whenever they create a new technology; they try to implement it in all of their currently available and future products.

This pattern could be observed in iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. These devices came up with Retina display and Touch ID respectively and after that, every device which followed, also had these features.

The Smart Connector was introduced in iPad Pro in 2015. It attaches with the device through a magnet and runs Power, Data and ground directly from the connected device.

It currently is available with Apple’s Smart keyboard and is expected to roll over other Apple products.

It would be amazing if Apple manages to develop a Smart Connector for iPhone 9. Although it is an intriguing idea, but the real question is, what would it be used for?

Apple made for its smart keyboard; can they make an even smaller one for iPhone products?

These are the question that they will have to answer before deciding about putting it in iPhone 9.

But, since Apple has always been able to work such problems out so we can expect similar technologies to be included in the latest iPhone.   

There are many other technologies like the PronMotion and Rear-Facing 3D Camera which are speculated to be integrated with the latest iPhone technologies.

iPhone 9 is expected to include these technologies or something similar to its repertoire.        

What to Expect About the iPhone 9 Display?

Apple introduced TrueTone feature with the release of iPhone 8 and later on, iPhone X also came with the same feature. The basic idea behind this feature is, to make sure that the color temperature of the display matches with that of the surroundings.

Before this display feature, the display temperature would often get messed up under the effect of ambient color temperatures. TrueTone makes sure that the display colors remain exactly as they are and don’t turn white into below or yellow.

Now there is a possibility that the new iPhone would also come with the same TrueTone Technology.

With the release of Apple iPad Pro in 2017, Apple introduced quite a fascinating display technology called Pro Motion. It refreshes the display so that it automatically adjusts according to the content.

This automatic adjustment of the display makes scrolling much easier. ProMotion technology had an outstanding feedback and many users are expecting iPhone 9 to bring something like that.

iPhone X came with the near-edge-to-edge-OLED display. With the release of OLED display technology, Apple announced that this is going to standard for the new iPhone devices so it is possible that the new iPhone will also come with the same OLED display as iPhone X.

With all these things being said, there is still no confirmed news about the display technology that new iPhone will use. It is always possible that Apple brings some new Display technology or an improved version of the technologies that have been discussed above.      

Is iPhone 9 / iPhone XI is Going to be Waterproof?

iPhone 7, 8 and X are claimed to be Apple to be Water resistant. This is quite an impressive technology which sometimes proves to be a life-saver.

But still, although these devices are water resistant yet they are not waterproof. A huge number of users reported the inability of these devices to withstand IP68 rated water, dirt or sand.

These devices that are mentioned above are all rated IP67 which means that they can withstand splashes, dunks and even small floods but still they are not entirely waterproof.

Whereas Apple’s competing companies like Samsung are coming up with more sophisticated waterproof technology.   

Waterproof technology is especially for those people who are exposed to such elements on a daily bases or people who do underwater photography.

With the current level of water-resistant technology, it is quite hard for apple to make its place in the wish list of those people.

And good for Apple, they are aware of that. So we can expect that Apple will try to bring an even more powerful waterproof technology which will rival those of the competing companies.  

Although carrying your phone underwater while swimming is probably not a good idea but for people who have jobs that require them to come in contact with such conditions more often, they would be quite excited to have at least an IP68 rated waterproof technology.        

Will it the Next iPhone Support Distance Charging?

Distance charging technology has been in a great demand lately. Many companies have introduced their versions of inductive charging and it is heavily appreciated by the users.

Apple introduced inductive charging technology with the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X and it was a big success.

But there were still some limits to that technology. It uses Qi-standard and requires the device to be physically placed in contact with the charging pad.

Charging is done via that pad. This is quite troublesome especially for the people who have seen better Distance Charging technologies.

There have been speculations that Apple is working on the latest Resonant Inductive Coupling technology which will let the devices charge even at distance.

The charging speed will be directly related to the distance. The greater the distance, the less will be the efficiency.

It would be quite fascinating if new iPhone 9 / iPhone XI comes up with distance charging technology.

Instead of having the phone to be placed on a charging pad, you can simply put it anywhere near the power station and it will still charge the phone efficiently.       

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI Camera Specs:

Improving camera quality has always been the primary focus of Apple. There has been some quite fascinating advancement in the camera technology and Apple is expected to follow the same trend for its future devices.

Although there is no specific news about what the camera of Apple’s the new flagship device would actually be like but still, if we analyze the recent advancements in iPhone’s camera technology, we can get a generalized idea about what the new iPhone’s camera would be capable of.

Apple introduced a 3D camera with Front-Facing True Deth technology in 2017, with the release of iPhone X.

iPhone’s 3D camera technology is considered to be at least one year ahead of Android’s current camera technology so there will most likely be no updates for that in the new Apple technology but still, Apple is expected to improve its TrueDepth Front Camera technology.

This will allow the users to capture real-time high-resolution images.    

iPhone’s rear camera is also undergoing some pretty clever advancements. It is speculated that the new iPhone will have a Rear-Facing 3D scanner embedded in it which will be able to sense people”Familiar with the Plan”.

Considering Apple’s trend to bring back quality features from their previous devices again into the new ones, it is quite possible that new iPhone will also come with similar Camera Features.

But still, you should not take it as a final word. There have been rumors that developers at Apple are working on some new Camera technologies and it is possible that a new Camera technology makes its debut with the release of iPhone 9 / iPhone XI.        

Will there be an iPhone 9 / iPhone XI Plus or iPhone 9S?

Almost every Apple iPhone product comes with an update after some time of the release. There was iPhone 4 and then 4S.

The same trend kept going till iPhone 8, with every device having an updated S or PLUS version. So it is logical to assume that if Apple releases iPhone 9 / iPhone XI then we should also embrace ourselves for iPhone 9/ iPhone XI S or Plus. If Apple decides to release iPhone 9 S/Plus then there is one of two possibilities:

  • iPhone 9 S/Plus with the same size as iPhone 8 but slightly bigger, probably about 6 inches display
  • iPhone 9 S/Plus with the same size as iPhone SE but with the display of the same size as iPhone 8 (4.7 inches)

These are the possible updates for Apple iPhone 9 / iPhone XI. Of course, these are not confirmed from any official source.

These deductions are made after carefully analyzing the past trends followed by Apple. Apple always strives to follow a conventional approach when it comes to naming their products so by carefully analyzing their past product naming and product release trends, it is quite easy to deduce what the new iPhone product will be named and when will it be made available in the market.

Wrapping it up…

This is almost everything that we know so far about Apple iPhone 9 / iPhone XI. There has been no official news about the release date of iPhone and even the name of the product is not confirmed as of yet.

But still, as we mentioned earlier, Apple always strives to follow a specific pattern for the release of its products and it is quite easy to predict the features and technologies that these devices bring with them.

Everything that has been mentioned here has been deduced by carefully analyzing the prior trends followed by Apple for their most of the product releases.

So we think that it is useful to be aware of these things but still, nothing can be said unless we see an Apple executive holding an iPhone 9 / iPhone XI up on the stage.

This article is regularly updated to add all of the latest news about the release of iPhone 9. So if there are any new advancements or conformations about the new iPhone, we’ll let you know. Until then, stick with us!              


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