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[Full Solution] How to fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

iPhone is disabled connect to Itunes happens due to many reasons. Disabling an iPhone inevitably panic and you want a solution as early as possible. Mainly when you entered password incorrect over ten times, you will get a message ‘iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes.’
Officially there is only one method for solving this problem, which is as the message indicated, using iTunes. Open Itunes on your PC and connect iPhone to your PC, now boot the phone in recovery mode in Itunes and then restore iPhone in it.  It will help you to disappear the “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” message; your data might be lost in the case if you don’t have any backups.

So, in this article we will not stick to only one method, we can try multiple ways to solve this problem. Using these is easy, but you have to be careful while performing these steps. Keep reading this article, and you will know how to get rid of iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes message.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Why is iPhone disable?

Your iPhone could be disabled if you entered the wrong password over and over again. Unknowingly or unintentionally skate which may lead to also disable to your iPhone. This mostly happens to kids in the home when they did not know the password and repeatedly try to open the lock.

You must be thinking that how many tries of incorrect password get disable iPhone? Don’t I have explained below?

Below you will find how many times you can enter your password on an iPhone.

  • If you enter wrong password 1 to 5 times, then it won’t harm your iPhone.
  • On six attempt your phone will disable for 1 minute.
  • Now on the  7th attempt, your iPhone will disable for 5 minutes.
  • On 8th attempts, your phone will disable for 15 minutes.
  • On 9th attempt, your phone will disable for 60 minutes.
  • When your try ten attempts on your iPhone, your iPhone will disable, and you will get an error message called “iPhone is disabled connect to Itunes.” There is another message can appear if you have enabled auto data eraser is turned on, you will get a message called “Your iPhone is completely erased.”

Important note: Here is another thing regarding the password that entering one password for sometimes will not harm your iPhone and it will not disable it. For example, your password is “6666,” and you keep entering the same password like”8888” then it will not disable iPhone, and your phone will consider it a single attempt.

Now let’s go to the solutions to this annoying problems. Keep reading, and you will find your answers.

How to fix “iPhone is disabled connect to Itunes” using dr.fone?

This method is one of the most comfortable ways of enabling your phone without worrying to trust this computer or not.  It can help you remove your lock screen error and set it as a new device. Now follow the steps how to dr.fone enables you to bypass phone lock screen.

Dr.fone repair (ios version)
Firstly you need to download dr.fone repair toolkit (ios version), and it will remove ios device lock screen in 3 steps.

Features of Dr.Fone-repair

  • Bypass iPhone lock screen efficiently, not techniques
  • Fix various ios issues like stuck in recovery mode, white apple logo, black screen error, looping on start overtimes and many more other problems.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad.
  • Fully compatible

Step1: Firstly you have to launch dr.fone on your computer and select repair option.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step2:  Connect you disable iPhone to the computer using the connecting table and click on start.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step3:  When dr.fone detects your iPhone, it will automatically pop a window which is for trust this computer or not.  Close the pop-up window.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes
iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step4:  Now dr.fone will display your ios information like device generation, ios version. If all the information matches then click on the download for downloading the firmware.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes
iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step5: When the firmware is downloaded, dr.fone is ready to display you to remove the password. Now click on fix now option. As we know that dr.fone will erase all your data, it will require your confirmation to continue.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step6: Then it will take a few minutes to remove the iPhone lock screen. After the process finish, your device will restart and set it as a new device.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

How to Fix “iPhone is disabled connect to Itunes” using Itunes?

There is another method to fix the problem of iPhone is disable; this is also an official method to get rid of this problem. But when we apply this method, this may be tricky as compared to other methods. Usually, it is more complicated.

So, follow steps below to unlock the iPhone using your Itunes.
Step1: Firstly download iTunes, if you have not download it yet. Then connect iTunes to your phone. I hope that you download the latest version of Itunes.

Step2: Now, make sure that you have used your computer for trusting it.

Step3:  Click on the phone icon and there will you see the summary icon, click on it. You will see here the restore option now click on it.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step4: if your iPhone proceeds with this method and starts the restoring process, it can be done in a couple of minutes.  It will restore your iPhone to your factory store mode, and iPhone will restart it.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Important note: By performing this method it will erase all your data and documents, restore the latest version of IOS.

to fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes using recovery mode?

It may be possible that the iTunes won’t go well and asked for a password which already you forgot, then you have to enter DFU or recovery mode. For restoring iPhone in recovery mode, you need to follow the below steps.

Step1: Now, enter into the recovery mode by pressing home and power buttons at once. After doing this, your screen will go dark after 10 seconds now release the power button but keep pressing the home button.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step2: Connect your iPhone to PC using the cable. Itunes will show you a message.
Here you need to click on “ok “ to proceed with the method of recovery. Now, you will be redirected to the iTunes ‘restore’ screen. Now, click on restore it, your device will start restoring. If all goes well, then your iPhone will be restored to its latest version of OS in some time.

Important note: By performing this method, it will delete all your data in the iPhone. Using this method,
Itunes will go well, and you can overcome the error “iPhone is disabled connect to Itunes.”

How to fix iPhone is disabled connects to Itunes using Icloud?

This is another method to reset your disabled iPhone. Icloud is the program which gives online access if your iPhone was lost somewhere. From your Icloud account, you can erase all data when your iPhone is disabled, for doing that, follow the given steps below.

Before performing this method, your iPhone should be enabled “Find my iPhone” before iPhone going to disabled. If this happens, then you can process this method.
Step1:  Firstly, open your PC and goes to the ICloud official website.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Step2: Sign in with your username and password.
Step3: Here you will see your iPhone name. In case of many IOS devices, you can see all of the devices there.
Step4: Tap on the iPhone disabled name. Now you can find three options there.

  • Play sound
  • Lost Mode
  • Erase iPhone

Choose the erase iPhone mode and follow on-screen functions.
By doing this, Your iPhone will reset and back to the factory mode stage. IT will delete all your data on your iPhone.  By performing this method, you can overcome the “iPhone is disabled connect to Itunes” error.

Wrap it up:

These all methods are for resetting your iPhone. Now follow some steps to move further. If you see the dark screen, then press the home button, and there you will see the setup.
If, you have the backup your data in Icloud before going to disable your device. Then directly go to the ICloud and choose “restore from iCloud” options.

If you backed up with Itunes, then you have to choose “Restore from Itunes backup” at the setup process. It will enable restore the backup data from the Itunes.
Now your iPhone is again enabled, and you can use it. You also learned to prevent from disabling your iPhone, besides you even know how to fix this problem in future as well.


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