iPhone 9 vs iPhone 8 – Everything You Need to Know

iTech Official Revealing all the Myths about iPhone 9 vs iPhone 8

Revealing All the Myths, Rumors, Pricing About iPhone 9 vs iPhone 8

Since the release of iPhone 8 in 2017, people were expecting iPhone 9 to be the next iPhone and it only makes sense because Apple is known to follow a conventional approach when it comes to naming their devices. We have seen this pattern since the release of early models of iPhone like iPhone 4, 5, 6 and onwards. But this time Apple decided to change this pattern a little bit and soon after the release of iPhone 8, a new iPhone with the name of iPhone X was in the market. This was a shocker for tech analysts because that indeed was a peculiar behavior shown by Apple.

iPhone X has been a big success for Apple and now, as always, it seems like they are working on a new iPhone. The rumors for iPhone 9 have been in the market for quite some time now and it is quite possible that Apple would go for this name for their new device.

There have been many reports predicting price and features of the new iPhone 9. From what we know so far, or the things that have been speculated in the market, the iPhone 9 is going to be one of the flagship iPhone devices. But with that being said, will the iPhone be able to beat iPhone 8 considering how popular it already is among iPhone users? This is a big question and to answer that question we have put together this article which is kind of a complete showdown between iPhone 8 and iPhone 9. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about both of these devices.

Comparing iPhone 9 and iPhone 8: Will iPhone 9 be able to beat iPhone 8?

This comparison is based upon the product reviews of iPhone 8, compared with what we know so far about iPhone 9. There have been many reports explaining the features of iPhone 8 but we believe that actual user reviews are the most reliable tell of the success of any device. That’s why we always rely on actual buyer reviews when comparing a device with another.

These iPhone 8 reviews are compared with the information that we have so far about the new iPhone 9. There have been no confirmations about the release of iPhone 9 from the company itself so it is hard to say anything about the features that it will come with but considering Apple’s prior predictable behavior about the product release, the information that’s been presented here is probably the most reliable.

OK so without further delay, let’s get into it. Let’s see will iPhone 9 be able to beat the iPhone standard set by iPhone 8?

iPhone 8 Release Date vs iPhone 9 Release Date:

iPhone 8 was announced on September 12, 2017, and was officially released on September 22, 2017. Does this release pattern sound familiar?

You bet it does.

This is the same release pattern that Apple followed for the release of iPhone 5, 6, 7 and the S or PLUS versions for these devices. According to this pattern, Apple releases its devices during the second or third week of September. This pattern is the quickest tell as to when Apple will release its new device during the year.

iPhone 9 is also expected to follow the same release pattern. In fact, ever since the release of iPhone 8, people have been expecting iPhone 9 to be released soon in the September of the year followed.

Although there is an iPhone X now in the market still a huge number of Apple users are looking forward to an iPhone 9.

We believe that Apple is aware of this fact and there are bright chances that the new iPhone would be released in the second or third week of September 2018.

The Design Approach for iPhone 8 and iPhone 9:

iPhone 8 design is quite similar to that of the iPhone 7. It has rounded corners and curved edges just like the iPhone 7. Although this time Apple decided to go for Glass panel for the rear which gives kind of the same feel as the front display.

Between the rear and front glasses is a 7000-series aluminum rim which holds volume rockers and lock switch. The downside for having this glass rear is the increased risk of iPhone being seriously damaged in case of a drop. Other than that, the design is sleek and gives a great feel.

With the release of iPhone X, Apple introduced a brand new product design which instantly became popular among the iPhone users. Apple is expected to follow the same design approach for new iPhone 9.

It is expected to come with an edge to edge OLED display just like iPhone X. The edge to edge display has become quite popular among iPhone users and reviews suggest that people are expecting the new iPhone to have the same appearance.

Still, it is hard to say about the design of the iPhone 9 because, for all we know, Apple could be working on designing something that is entirely new.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 9 Specs:

iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inches full HD retinal display. (More details about display would be discussed later on). Apple has been developing better and faster processors for its devices.

The processor used for iPhone 8 was considered to be the most powerful processor developed by iPhone at that time. This process was given the name of A11 Bionic Chipset.

This processor is specifically designed to enhance the performance of augmented reality and it can manage more that 600 Billion operations per seconds.

With such robust processing power, you can easily run high-quality graphics without worrying about processing speed and battery drainage.

The A11 Bionic chipset also features a performance controller which provides great performance and effectively manages power hungry apps to reduce battery usage.

This doesn’t imply that your phone would last for days without charging but it will give your phone a longer life during intense gaming sessions (Good News Gamers!).

As for iPhone 9, there have been reports that Apple has already started working on developing A12 processor which is going to be better and faster.

A11 has been a big success and it is even claimed by some analysts to be the most powerful Smartphone processor of recent time. A11 was quite powerful so we can only imagine how fast A12 would be.

iPhone is also working on integrating coprocessors which are meant to enhance the performance of components like voice activation and neural engines.

There also have been rumors about a new 7-nano meter IC being developed by iPhone which means that the chips would be smaller and faster. All the new technologies that have been mentioned could be included in the new iPhone.

 iPhone 8 Color Options vs iPhone 9 Color Options:

A person’s color choice can tell you a lot about his personality. It is the way we express our style and values. A wide range of device colors is one of the most prominent things about iPhone 8.

It gives you a lot of colors to choose from just like any other iPhone device. iPhone 8 is available in Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Red color. All of these colors look quite elegant and go perfectly with the design.

iPhone 9 is also expected to be the part of the same color stream as its predecessors. The device color is probably going to be the same as iPhone 8 or iPhone X unless they come up with a new color scheme provided it sits well with the new design.

But possible color choices as of now for Apple are silver, Golden, Red and some other mainstream colors used by Apple. There is not much information about the color scheme which will be used for the new iPhone as of yet so it is hard to say anything about it.

iPhone 8 Display vs iPhone 9:

iPhone 8 came with 4.7 inches Retina HD display with 1334 x 750 FHD resolution. It also supports TrueTone technology which was firstly introduced in iPad Pro.

True Tone technology automatically detects the ambient temperature around you and adjusts the white balance of screen accordingly to provide a better viewing experience.

iPhone 8 also had a wider color gamut for better color reproduction and dual-domain pixels for wider viewing angles.

iPhone 8 comes with a protective coating which blends in perfectly with the design and helps protects your phone from smudges.

All these things that have been mentioned above add up to give the display an impressive and vibrant look and feel. Although iPhone 8 doesn’t support 4K HD still it can easily play 1080p Full HD content.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X both had True Tone feature so it is safe to assume that iPhone 9 will have the same True Tone technology.

True Tone makes sure that the display colors remain intact when exposed to different environmental elements and the phone doesn’t turn whites to blues or yellows.

As we mentioned earlier about OLED display being used in iPhone X, it is also possible that iPhone 9 would have the same display. It was mentioned by the representatives of Apple on the release of iPhone X that OLED display would be the standard for their next iPhone Devices.

There is also another interesting technology around with the name of Pro Motion. It was firstly introduced in iPad Pro. It automatically adjusts display according to the content to give a better viewing experience. This technology is also expected to be added in the new iPhone 9.

Camera Advancements in iPhone 8 and Possible Upgrades in iPhone 9:

We all know that improving camera quality has always been Apple’s top most priority when developing any new iPhone device. iPhone 8 came with a single lens rear camera with a wide angle. iPhone 8 plus is the dual lens and also has wide angle plus telephoto feature.

The camera is 12 megapixels and perfect for capturing real-time high-resolution images. There is also a color filter being added to the camera system which will do all necessary color corrections automatically to give your images a better feel.

Apple also claims to have used newly developed sensors in the camera which capture and render pixels at a deeper level. This new sensor also works to minimize the overall ratio of image noise and cross talk.

In short, the camera technology being used in iPhone 8 will enable you to capture images in the best possible way.

iPhone X came with a 3D front facing the camera with true depth technology. True Depth is an advanced camera feature which allows the user to capture real-time images in high resolution.

Since then it’s been speculated that Apple is working on improving this Front camera technology and iPhone 9 is expected to come with the improved version of iPhone X camera technology.

Apple is also working on developing rear-facing 3D scanner which will allow you to scan faces which you add to the familiarity plan. Considering these recent advancements, it is expected that the camera technology of the new iPhone 9 would be something that the Smartphone market would never have seen before.

iPhone 8Touch ID and Face ID vs iPhone Touch ID And Face ID:

iPhone 8 comes with Touch ID just like some of its predecessors. But the touch ID used in iPhone 8 is better and more efficient. If you love the idea of Touch ID and just want an improved version of it then iPhone 8 is the phone for you. iPhone 8 also has made it extremely easy to set up Touch ID. You can set it up by following a few simple steps.

iPhone X removed home button and Touch ID features and instead introduced Face ID. iPhone 9 is also expected to come with the Face ID. Face ID or Touch ID highly depends upon the display being used.

iPhone X had OLED display which is best for face recognition system.

But if iPhone decides to go back to the previous display designs then it is quite possible that Touch ID could make its come back in the new iPhone 9. But considering the popularity of iPhone X Face ID, it is safe to assume that iPhone 9 is going to have the same Face ID feature.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging vs iPhone 9 Wireless Charging:

Distance charging technology has been on the market for quite some time now. The idea of charging your phone without using any cable is quite fascinating and iPhone 8 allows you to do that but the name distance charging maybe misleading for some.

Actually, you do need to put your phone on a charging Pad for distance charging technology to work. iPhone 8 uses Qi standards which allow your phone to charge up without using any cables but you do need to place it on a physical charging pad and within a specified range.

Since iPhone 8 and X support distance charging, it is almost certain that iPhone 9 would also support this feature but there is one little problem with that.

As we mentioned earlier, iPhone 8 uses Qi standards for distance charging which means it requires the device to be physically attached to the charging pad. This is kind of a limitation which Apple is trying to resolve for quite some time now.

There have been rumors that Apple is working on a new technology called resonant inductive coupling which will allow you to charge your devices even from a distance without any physical charging pad. If Apple manages to perfect this technology then we can expect it to be added to the new iPhone.

iPhone 8 Price vs iPhone 9 Comparison:

iPhone 8 was introduced with the base price of $699 for a 64GB device and $849 for a 256GB device. This is cheaper than the iPhone X but more expensive than iPhone 7.

Even with this price tag, iPhone 8 is considered to be the best choice if you want to buy a phone within this price range. This is because of the features offered by iPhone 8.

Many user reviews show that this device is quite affordable because there is hardly any other device which offers the same number of features within this price range.

iPhone 9 is expected to be more expensive than iPhone 8 but cheaper than iPhone X. This is because the technologies that are expected to be used in iPhone 9 are faster but cheaper.

iPhone 9 is expected to come with the price tag between $699-$799. Keeping that standard in mind, iPhone 9S or 9 plus could cost about $799-899$. This price tag is quite reasonable considering how powerful the expected device is.

Final Words:

This is almost everything that we know so far about iPhone 8 and iPhone 9. Since iPhone 9 is not released as of yet so we can’t say for sure which device is the best between the two.

But considering the technologies that are expected to be used in iPhone 9, it would easily beat iPhone 8 in every way.

iPhone 8 had a good run and is still quite famous among the iPhone users but people are expecting a new device for a long time now and it is quite possible that iPhone 9 is going to be that much-awaited brand new iPhone device.

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