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How to Fix iMessage not Working on Mac

iMesssage not Working on Mac

iMessage not Working on Mac

In this modern age, we all have to connect with each other either through our phones or through our Personal Computers. Now what if this connection is removed, then we have to face through many difficulties regarding our connectivity. In this article, we will try to cover all important aspects regarding ‘iMessage not working on Mac‘.

As you all know that iMessage is a service which is provided by Apple by which we can chat with each other. By using iMessage we can message to anyone who is using iMessage service on their iPad, iPod, iPhone. Many Mac users have complained to us that iMessage service is not correctly working on their systems.

Many Mac users complained to us that their iMessage is not working on Mac 2018 and some of them complained to us that iMessage is not working on Macbook air. We have tried to answer all these questions in a very easy way.

Potential or Bug Fixes to ‘iMessage not working on Mac’:

Firstly you need to check your wifi connection if its correctly working or not. Then try out these steps one by one.

1. Verify iMessage settings on your Mac

Do make sure that you have not disabled iMessage on Mac. You can do it by launching iMessage and going to Messages =>Prefrences =>Accounts and make sure that ‘Enable this Account’ is ticked or your status will be showing Offline.

iMessage not working on Mac
Verify iMessage Settings

2. Force quit iMessage and then open it again 

Many times iMessage app get stuck, you can force quit the app and then you can reopen it and see if its working or not.  Hopefully, it would be working.

3. Restart your system

By restarting your computer you can solve many issues, and it may work wells with ‘iMessage not working on Mac’. So kindly restart your computer and check if the problem is resolved or not.

4. Sign out and sign in

Another way of opening the iMessage app is by doing Sign out and Sign in and in most of the cases, it works pretty well. So you can resolve the problem ‘iMessage not working on Mac’. All you have to do is to open iMessage and then click on preference and then come to Accounts Display and then click on Sign out and then Display it. After that wait for a little while and restart your computer then sign in with Apple ID.

iMessage not working on Mac
sign out and sign in

5. Update Mac

If you are still facing the problem ‘iMessage not working on Mac’ then you can try out updating your Mac to get the latest version of Mac and to get the latest version of iMessage.You have to follow the steps given below to update your Mac.

  1. Go to the app store
  2. Download the latest version.
  3. Install the latest version. 

6. Check Date and Time Settings

Now you need to check your Date and Time Settings. You can resolve this problem by doing the following steps

  1. Click on the Apple menu.
  2. Then click on system preferences.
  3. Then click on date and time.
  4. Select the Time Zone tab.
  5. Then select the checkbox and select ‘Date and Time Automatically‘. If it is selected uncheck the box and wait for some time and then again check the checkbox. You also need to enter the admin password.
Date and time settings
Check date and time Settings

7. Check KeyChain (Keychain Problem)

The issue of ‘iMessage not working on Mac’. Now you can resolve this issue by doing the following steps

  1. Now first launch KeyChain access  (Launchpad =>Keycahin Access).
  2. Then click on the file and go to Lock Keychain (Login)
  3. And then again go to the file and click on ‘Unlock Keychain’ login
  4. And then enter the Admin Password

This will rebuild the Keychain Access which may fix the Problem ‘iMessage not working on Mac’

8. Check your internet connection

You should have an Active internet connection for iMessage to be synchronized. For this purpose, you can use a speed testing app which will tell you about your internet speed. If you see that your internet connection is not working properly then turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ your Airplane mode.

Reconnecting the internet is a very good way to Refresh iMessage on Mac or iPhone. It will take a while to refresh.

9. Check the status of iMessage

Apple provides its users with a status page which displays the availability of various services. If you see red or yellow Dot near iMessage then it means that iMessage is having some issues. It’s good that Apple fixes the severest issues in record time, So it’s unlikely that your Messages won’t be synchronized.

Down Detector is an alternative to Apple’s Status Page which is the Weatherman of the digital world. It detects outages and service interruptions offering a real-time overview of services, including iMessage.

10. Check Settings

In case none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you.  Then there would be some configuration issue that is interfering in the normal working of iMessage.

So hopefully the problem ‘iMessage not working on Mac’ is fixed from all the methods mentioned above. 

I will also discuss some more points so that we can fix the problem ‘iMessage not working on Mac’. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below to resolve ‘iMessage not working on Macbook air‘ issue. The issues that most of the Mac users face are as follows.

Sending and Receiving Messages Issues:

If you are having trouble to send or receive messages then you can resolve these issues in the section below. Hopefully you will like these solutions.

Issue # 1: iMessage is not Delivered:

Now if you are sending some kind of message to your friend and the message is not delivered then you first have to see whether the problem is with your System or it is either with your recipient system. It could be quite difficult for you to check this issue but you still have to do this to fix this issue. So be sure that that the setting discussed below are fine in your system.

Step 1: You first have to visit the Apple System Status  Website and then check its outage. If an outage is present there then the issue will be solved automatically. You can solve this issue very easily.  

Step 2: Now go to settings which are followed by Airplane mode. Firstly you just have to switch it ‘on ‘ and immediately switch it ‘off’. By doing this you will be able to get back the connectivity and you will be able to get rid of unknown issues. Just make sure that you have enabled iMessage from the settings so that you can enjoy full-time communication with your friends and family members.

Step 3: Now click on ‘undelivered message’ which will be in red color for sending the message again and also check out whether the message is delivered or not.

Step 4: Now if the message is not delivered after the above-mentioned steps you have to check out your friend’s connectivity. By doing this you will be able to understand whether the problem is from your side or it is from your friend’s side.

Issue # 2: iMessage not Working Between Mac and iPhone:

Firstly you have to make sure that your iPhone and Mac are connected with each other. You can resolve the connectivity issue by following the recommendations below.

  1. Firstly you have to enable the iMessage option on your iPhone by going to ‘Settings’ => ‘Message”
  2. Refresh the connectivity by enabling and disabling the iMessage option
  3. Be sure that your device has a good Wifi connection. You can do this by going to Wifi properties
  4. You can delete your old messages, threads, and chats to enjoy the better connectivity with your friends
  5. If you want to synchronize your e-mail address and phone number then just select or click on ‘send and receive’ option on your IOS device

Download and install iMessage on Mac:

This is another method to sync iMessages with Mac. You can do it by Downloading and Installing iMessage on Mac. Then there is an option called ‘iMyfone D-port iPhone Data exporter. This program will help you like a good back up tool. By doing this you will be able to handle your data. Follow these steps below for downloading messages on your Mac.

step 1: Firstly you have to open the iMyfone D-port and you have to go to the ‘backup and export from ios device’ option which you will see on the left side of your screen.

step 2: Then you have to select the option ‘Export Data’.

step 3: Then choose the appropriate data which are to be exported from the displayed files.

step 4: Then select the next option in order to proceed after choosing the required files.

step 5: Then you have to scan the selected file and then click on the export option for saving it on your computer.

iMessage not working on your Mac
Download iMessages on Mac


Issue # 3: iMessage waiting for Activation:

If your iMessage is displaying you an error message ‘Waiting for activation’ then you will not be able to send or receive messages. This means you have to fix this issue. Now, what’s the solution to this problem? Well, the answer is very simple. So just follow the steps given below in order to resolve the activation issue.

step 1: You have to go to the settings and then go to the Airplane Mode. And ‘Disable and enable’ the option for restoring the network connectivity issues.

step 2: Go to the settings and then go to General and then go ‘Date and Time’ zone settings option and then enable the set automatically option and after doing all this stuff restart your system.

iMessage not working on Mac
iMessage waiting for Activation


You can check out this article on our website for more information on different ways to fix iMessage waiting for activation issue.

As we all know iMessage is one of the best technology and the best service for communication. You can resolve all the connectivity issues by following the above-mentioned steps. By using iMessage you can communicate with your friends. You can use iMyFone tool to reset and fix unnecessary issues regarding iMessage. So enjoy this service.

 It is a service developed by Apple that allows its users to send text messages to each other.iMessage is very easy to set up and can be used very easily. And like much other software’s it is not very reliable. Its users stuck in various problems. In this article, we have tried as many ways as we can to help you to resolve iMessage issues

How to get iMessage on your Mac:

As iMessage comes pre-installed on all new Macs so we don’t have to download it on our systems. Apart from iMessage, many other applications are also pre-installed on our Macs like iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand, iTunes, Game Center, Safari, Notes, App, Dictionary, Calculator, Chess, Dashboard, DVD Player, Stickies, Text Edit, Clock, FaceTime, Preview, QuickTime.

Set Up iMessage on Mac:

First time when you launch the iMessage App you will ask to log in with your Apple ID and password. If you are not sure about How to connect iMessage to Mac then you can use the same Apple ID which you are using with your iCloud, iTunes, Mac Account and your App store. iMessage is a service which also gives you the option to add a third party messaging service which includes Yahoo, Google and AOL Accounts.

For adding a third party service in your iMessage you just have to select Add account from the Message menu and then choose an account provider which you have previously registered with. 

Ways to add Phone Number to iMessage on Mac:

You can also send or receive iMessages from your Phone Number to Mac. You just need to know how to add your number to iMessage on Mac. This is very easy to accomplish.

  1. From your, iPhone goes to the settings app and messages and make sure that your iMessage is on.
  2.  Then go to send and receive option and then sign in with your same Apple ID Which you have used while setting up iMessage on your Mac.
  3. And then go to ‘You can be reached section’ and also make sure that there are enough checkmarks beside your Phone Number and with your Apple ID
  4.  Open iMessage on your Mac computer and then go to Messages =>Prefrences
  5. Then click on accounts and select your iMessage account which you are currently using.
  6. And then turn on your Phone Number by choosing your Apple ID and do check on the checkbox.
  7. Last, choose your Phone Number that will be your primary identifier from the top menu and select the ‘option Start new conservation’.

Sync iMessage to Mac:

When you have added your Phone Number to iMessage, then your messages will be sync automatically on your devices. So don’t worry about sync iMessage.

If you have followed all the above-mentioned procedures then your iMessage would be working perfectly by now. If it’s still not working then you should contact Apple Customer’s Support service and ask them for assistance. MacOS is a complex system with countless features.


I have discussed various solutions to the problem ‘iMessage not working on Mac’ which will help you to resolve your iMessage issue. You can resolve iMessage issue on your MacBook Air or either on MacBook Pro. So, I hope this article is beneficial for you. Also, let us know about your reviews and don’t hesitate to ask anything in the comment section below.


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