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[Complete Guide] How to Clear Cache on Mac?

Step by step guide to clear cache on Mac

Step by Step Guide to Clear Cache on Mac

As we all know clearing cache files is a big problem these days. Having cache files in our system can affect our mac performance. Now, the question is What are these cache files and how to clear cache on mac?

The answer is that these are temporary files which are stored in our Hard drive and these files are used for speeding up processes, For example, google chrome can download temporary images or files of a webpage. So when you visit that page after a week or a month, then that page will load up quickly.

Although we know that cache files are temporary files but these cache files do take up your storage space and instead of speeding up your Mac. they slow your Mac and it can frustrate you.

Now I am going to tell you some types of cache files which can take place in your system and you can free up your space by clearing them. So here are the types.
One of the most frequent questions that people ask me is “How do I clear my cache data?”

The answer is quite simple, you can clear it by one click or either you can clear it manually. Here is the detailed information.

types of Cache:

  1. System cache
  2. Browser cache
  3. User cache (which includes app cache and DNS cache)

In this article, you will learn about, How to clean these types of cache. There are basically two methods for cleaning up your cache files. The first way is by cleaning cache files manually one by one and the other way is by using some software such as Clean my mac 3 or some other utility such as clean my mac X. The simplest way of cleaning your Mac is as follows.

  1. First, open your CleanMyMac 3
  2. And then click on System Junk
  3. And then click on ‘Scan’ and then ‘clean’.

You can also clean your cache files manually. The answer to the question ‘How to clear cache on mac’ is given below.

How to Clear user cache on Mac manually?

By Cleaning your cache you can free up to GBs of space can speed up your Mac.
To clear your user cache, do the following:

  1. First Open a Finder window and then select “Go to Folder” option in the Go menu and select Cache.
    How to clear cache on mac


  2. Type in ~/Library/Caches on the top of your screen and then click on enter to proceed to the next folder.
How to clear cache on mac

3. There is an Optional step: You can highlight and you can also copy everything to a new folder just in case something goes wrong.

4. And then you have to Go into each of the folders from where you want to clean files and clean out everything.

How to clear cache on mac
Empty Trash


Note: We recommend that you delete the insides of these folders in your system, but not the folders themselves.

When you have finished up clearing these caches files from your system for additional Hard drive, the next step is to clear trash. To do this you have to control-click on the trash icon and then select ‘Empty Trash’. And then restart your Mac System, so that your system can create new Cache files.
There are many applications in the market which can help you in this regard. There are some best of the best software available on the internet which can help in cleaning your cache files.

Delete system cache and app cache on Mac

Next step is to clear your system cache files. These hidden cache files are basically created by the apps that run on your system.
Now, What is app cache? In short, it’s any media files which are downloaded by the apps when you use them in order to work efficiently and faster. It enables you to not to load it every time you open the app. Do you need these cache files? It’s a good question and it’s debatable, but app cache takes up your disk space and it can be cleaned easily
You can easily delete your app cache files on Mac in the same manner as user cache, by going to ~/Library/Caches and by removing the insides of the folders in your system with the app name.


Keep in Mind! Not all app cache data can be cleared safely. Some app developers keep important user info of their apps on cache folders. So Backing up a folder of important files before you delete them is always a good idea.

So I will suggest you to use some good apps for cleaning cache files in your Mac. And you can remove more junk using these manual methods.
Check this out: App cleaner for Mac!

Get Rid of DNS cache on Mac

There is another type of ache which can exist in your system which is System Cache. These cache translates your domain names into IP addresses. Clear DNS Cache regularly.
To get rid of DNS cache regularly

  • Open your Terminal by typing Cntrl+R in the run command window.
  • And then type this into your terminal.

sudo dscacheutilflushcache;sudo killall(getridall) -HUP mDNSResponder; say cache get rid off!!

  • And then you have to enter your admin password to execute this command.

Get rid of Browser cache on Mac

In this, modern age we all love to serve on different sites through our browsers which create the cache in our browsers. By clearing your cache you cannot only clear up your space but you can also secure your privacy.
Browser cache temporarily stores your data such as links, images other types of data. Cache location on every browser is different, so the process of clearing cache on browsers like chrome. Firefox etc is different. For instance, Safari cache is in its Privacy, Chrome cache is in its Settings, and Firefox cache location is in its History tab.

How to clear cache in Firefox?

Here’s the way of how to clear cache in Firefox manually:

  1. Click the fetish icon on the top right corner of your browser window.
  2. Then Choose the option Privacy & Security on the left sidebar of the browser.
  3. Scroll down to the “Cached web content” section, you will see a menu item.
  4. Now, click on the Clear Now option to delete your Firefox cache.
  5. Quit your browser window and then re-open the browser.

Check the Override automatic cache management and limit its cache size in MB.Try the default amount of 350 MB, that should be enough for most users’ needs.

Clear cache in firefox
Clear cache

How to clear cache in Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the internet world and it’s also the most popular browser. Cache data can create problems in the chrome. So we have to clear cache from the chrome.
So here are the steps for clearing cache from your Chrome.

  1. Click on the 3-dot icon which you will see in the top right corner of your browser window.
  2. List of options will appear. Click on Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu, and select Advanced.
  4. Click the option “Clear browsing data.”
  5. Unmark all, and leave Cached images and files.
  6. And then you have to select Time, choose All time from the options.
  7. At last click on Clear data” button from the menu.
How to clear cache on mac
clear cache on chrome

How to clear cache in Safari?

Safari is a bit more difficult than other browsers. You can remove caches with all the other website history by going to History => Clear History option in the menu bar.
If you more accuracy then here’s quick to empty cache on Safari browser:

  1. First, go to the top menu, and then choose Safari.
  2. After that Click on Preferences.
  3. Then Choose the Advanced tab which appears after preferences.
  4. Then enable the Show Develop menu which appears in the menu bar.
  5. Now you have to go to Develop option in the menu bar.
  6. And then, at last, choose Empty caches.
How to clear cache on mac
Clear cache in firefox

How to get rid of cache files on Mac by a single click

If you worrying about clearing cache files one by one then here’s the solution. Now you can find and delete cache files by yourself, Instead of searching all over your Mac. Now you can clear user caches on a Mac by using CleanMyMac 3. It makes removing cache files very simple and easy.
To get rid of these cache files from your browser with CleanMyMac 3:

  1. You just have to download CleanMyMac 3 (free) and then launch it.
  2. Now Select the Smart Scan option which appears on the left menu.
  3. And then click Scan you see at the bottom of CleanMyMac 3.
  4. And at last click Clean.

Congratulations! you’ve removed the cache files and then click on Review Details before you click on Clean button.

Final Words

Cache Data works very well for your system and Mac. But by increasing time it can create worries for you and it affects the speed of your mac. because these cache files take a lot of space.
We are hopeful that, this article will help you in cleaning your cache data and help you to free gigabytes of important space.
In this article, we’ve also shown you how an automatic cache cleaner like CleanMyMac 3 makes clearing the cache very simple.
We hope that this article will prove helpful to you. Any suggestions are greatly welcome and appreciated
Thank you!

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