Can iPhone Be Hacked? Here’s the Secret

Is IPhone Save From Hackers.

Can Our Iphone Be Hacked?

Yes, Iphone be hacked. These devices are also hackable as the other devices and there are some of the cases which have seen that their iPhones get hacked and used by the hacker. These devices are still hackable after the continuously getting of the latest security featured and updates the apple.

But here comes in play these big company as they are getting so much paid from these devices to get secured. The whitehats (good hackers) are paid well by the Apple to check their devices and finds the bugs and the flaws that the Apple itself cannot find it.

By doing this they get to know their flaws and the bugs by which their devices are not secured so they get it right before and after the lanching. when a device is launched if it still had issue and bugs they gave the software update t0 get it right so that your privacy remains safe.

I will show you some of the reasons that why an iphone get hacked? and what to do if its get hacked?

Never Get Iphone Hacked: Don’t Jailbreak Your Iphone

can iphone be hacked?
jailbreaked Iphone

jailbreaking is a wrong method as it allows you to access the software and the apps that are not in the app store are have been a 3rd party.

But with this benefit, a problem also came that by jailbreaking your iphone device the warranty of your device is voided. So you can’t claim your warranty any more at any Apple store or customer care center and most of the apps after jailbreaking get viruses etc.

So your device can get easily hacked if you jailbreak it.

Pending Updates: Updating Software

can iphone be hacked
Updating software

Updates are the biggest reason for the hacking of Iphone as the people don’t want to update the software of the devices as they feared that they may lose some of the apps or data on their iPhones.

But on the other hand, the updates include the bugs fix and the security updates that save our iPhones from getting hacked. when a major software update is released then within of the few weeks some small updates comer these are the updates that are the bug fixes and the security patches 

So I recommend you to update your Apple devices software as regular as it comes. So that your Apple device can get the latest bugs fixes and the security so that your data can remain safe from the hacker

To update your device

  • Open the setting app on your iphone
  • Select General from the list
  • Now click on the software update and follow the next steps as it guides you

I Storngly Recommend You To First Backup Your Device So In Any Problem Case You Can Restore Your Device.

Apple Id Hacked: Enable Your Two Way Factor Authentication

can iphone be hacked
Apple id login screen

What is the use of your software update if it is get hacked by the Apple id which is necessary for every Apple iphone to use. So some of the main changes also made in the Apple id as nowadays two-way authentication is normal so apple also gives this option after the IOS 9 updates or later and now after the IOS 11 it is the default.

By this option it requires to get authentication whenever you log on your Apple id it will ask you to give access from the other Apple product you have (On which your id is still running) and you will get notified  that where your apple id is log in and you can easily deny it   

You can easily off it if you have difficulty to access the other Apple device 

  • Open setting app on your Apple device.
  • Click on the name of your id as you open the app.
  • Now click on the password & security.
  • Now click on the two – factor authentication

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Don’t lose Data & Device: Turn On Find My Iphone

can iphone be hacked
Find My Iphone

 It’s a option which is applicable in every Apple device that has a GPS option its used for i you accidentally left your iphone somewhere or get theft then you can easily find it by checking on your other Apple products or via computer. 

It is added in the list because not you can only find your device you can easily it can also lock and delete your data remotely if ever your device had gone into the wrong hand or to that person where you cannot access and doesn’t want to share that data with him.

To turn on find my iphone.

  • Open the setting app on your iphone.
  • Click on the apple on the top after you open the setting app.
  • Now click on the Icloud.
  • Scroll down and tap finds my iphone.
  • Make sure to on the Find my iphone button.

Keep Your Device Safe: Get A Good Lengthy Passcode

Can iphone be hacked
Alphanumeric passcode Iphone.

As it looks so simple but it the best effective method to save your data getting theft. Apple has launched now up to 8 digit code and alphanumeric but still, people are using the old 4 digit code that is also good but it can be easily guessed as the 4 digit combination is very easy to find after some try.

People find this really awkward to add 2 more digit or to add 4 more digits if they use but its worth of it as 6 or 8 type or different digit or same combination is not easy to judge. I really prefer to get alphanumeric passcode and to use touch id(fingerprint) if I am in a tight spot where easily anyone can see my passcode.

To change your passcode

  • Open the setting app.
  • Click on the touch id & Passcode.
  • Click change passcode.
  • While choosing a new passcode you can choose custom numeric code 0r for more security you can choose a custom alphanumeric

While changing your passcode make sure that no one,s is seeing it and  for more security dont open or tell to others

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Lost But Tension Free: Auto Erasable Iphone

Can iphone be hacked
Auto Erasable

Iphone has the best security option that is very useful for the people that are very concerned about their data that they cannot want their data to get in hacker hand As this method include auto self destruct option

Means this option is On then if you lost your iphone or anyone tries to open it and set 10 times wrong passcode then it will Automatically get looked permanently and also all the data will be erased by the device itself it does not need any remote access to activate or to delete the data.

To on this option

  • Open setting app
  • Click on touch id & passcode
  • Go to the bottom of page
  • Now On the Earsedata option

I highly recommend you to on this option if you are very concerned about your data.

Scams & Harmful Files: Stay Away From The Untrusted Messages & Emails

Can iphone be hacked
Harmful Emails, Messages

Nowadays it is normal to transfer data through emails and spam links and messages. The most favorite way of hacker is the spam emails that they send emails that contain harmful data or links where they trick you to enter the data that they wanted or the data that can easily get you hacked(your email name & password).

The easy way to be secured is that don’t open the emails or any message until its come from the source that is trusted. Also, try to be careful when giving any information on the big website as they may be fake of that website made to get the data from you Example logging in or making account etc be sure to check that the website its real.

Hacker Own Idea: Use The End To End Encryption Type

Can iphone be hacked
Data Sending Through End To End Encryption

It is the method that is own it self made by the hacker to ensure their data is safe. Basically, When you call or message some it is not safe it can be tracked and can be changed until it reached to the receiver.

So to avoid these problem hackers invented this method as it ensures that no one can see the data or can listen to the call or message that you send. Now it is used by commonly all the apps and the website that include the calling and messages in so to ensure that your privacy remains safe.

Accounts Safety: Change Password Of Your Account Regularly

Can iphone be hacked
Changing Password Of Apple id

The Apple id of your iphone is the very easy method to hack your iphone. So to ensure that your  Apple id remains safe. I recommend you to change your password as early as possible on the regular basses.

By doing that we ensure that our data is saved. Some people would find this very hard but it is worth it because your data is more important. To change the password of the Apple id (It is given in the upper ).

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Hacked By Apps: Check Your Iphone Apps

Can iphone be hacked
Apps can be hacked

An easy way to hack that anyone can install an app on your iphone.Now in the appstore there are many apps that are paid and free to install and can be installed on the with and without jailbreak iPhones.They can be installed remotly if anyone knows the Apple id that you are using on your iPhones

The apps can also be used to record and see the message that comes on your device and can be easily transferred to the hacker by mail to harm you or threaten you.

So I recommend you to check your iPhone.If any unused app or the app that has no used to you uninstall that app immediately so to make sure that your iphone can’t be hacked and also it save some storage for the next use.

Untrusted Place: Use Secure Wifi & Places

Can iphone be hacked
Safe Public Wifi

One of the easy ways is to hack by the wifi. The hack if know the place that where are you and you are using an open wifi spot then it can easily hack your iphone.

Use the only trusted wifi spot so that you can relax easily that no one is and try to use wifi in the safe places as the home or private hotspot. You can also use the VPN to create a private net browsing so that its difficult for the hacker to hack you.

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Cable Theft: Tursted Charge Cable

Can iphone be hacked
Data Transfering Through Cable

In our busy lives we don’t have time to charge the iphone correctly so we find the easy way as while waiting any bus station, train station, and airport we use their charging docks so we can save time. But we never have seen that what if there is a device fitted in the dock that can easily store our data.

So to avoid this thing, I recommend you to use a portable power bank that can easily charge your iphone and it can last very long although it also has a battery in our spare time you can charge your power bank in the place where you are going to charge your iphone.

If that not possible try to charge your device with your own iphone power adapter, If also that not possible try to use nondata transfer cable that can be used only to charge and cannot be used to transfer data although I have found many but not Apple certified If you found one also Tell me.

If none of the above things are available try not to use the device while charging.

Keep locked: Disabled Siri In Lock Screen

Can iphone be hacked
Assessing Siri In Lockscreen

There is less chance that the Siri is hackable but There are some cases in a few past years that someones have tried assessing data through Siri and they have succeeded.

Siri is very useful as I mostly use Siri but it is also dangerous because it doesn’t have any type of protection (voice recognization). As anyone can be used your iphone in your absence to command Siri 

There is a way to avoid it that is if you turn off Siri in the lock screen, So no one will be able to access the Siri on your iphone in your absence. To turn off  the Siri from the lock screen

  • Open the setting app
  • Click on the Siri
  • Turn off the access when locked

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My Iphone Is Hacked! : What To Do?

After knowing and analyzing the upper situation of hack you would know that your Iphone is hacked. After you have confirmed that your Iphone is hacked then!

Don’t Give access To Hacker

Its very simple hacker needs a live internet connection to your device as to control it from remotely without giving any guess to you.

Now you can cut off the connection by turning off your device or you can easily turn off the source of the internet for example in case of Wifi, Unplug the Wifi router immediately if from GSM take out the sim from your Iphone

I prefer you to turn off your Iphone.To do this 

  • Hold down the power button on your Iphone
  • After pressing it you will see on the upper right side of the screen a slide option will be there.
  • Now just slide on that option & your Iphone is turn off

Airplane method.

It is also very effective method , In this mode  your Iphone cuts off all the connection that is wireless (Wifi, Bluetooth, GSM), To turn on airplane mode

  • Go to setting app
  • Now on the airplane option on the top of the list

Safe Iphone: Reset Iphone

After doing the above method, I hope that you have backup your Iphone on the regular bases. Now try to reset the factory setting so any viruses or app is installed by the the hacker should delete permanently.

Now after doing the reset if you want to and have the backup you can easily restore your device and start using it. If it won’t help then I recommend you.

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Dfu mode

In the last option, you can only do is the new full software of your Iphone which is done  by putting your iphone into DFU mode 

Here is the: How to Put iPhone in DFU Mode Step by Step 

Also, tell me about if you ever had your Iphone hacked & also we would like to hear what you do in that situation, also tell us that is this helpful for you thanks a lot.

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