Best iPhone Apps That You Should Download Now

Complete List of What iPhone Apps Should You Have on Your iPhone?

Complete List of Best iPhone Apps Should You Have on Your iPhone?

There are a lot of things keeping our lives busy: hobbies, needs, work, entertainment etc. in the previous ages, achieving and organizing all of this was done only by pros and experts. These Best iPhone Apps have helped me a lot to make my life more productive & enjoyable…

Normal people could at most only fulfill their needs and work, but what about relaxing and enjoyment? It is said that in the modern age managing everything and finding information is a click away.

But what do we click?

Apps, of course!

Apps have been definitely a blessing for the masses.

Need to shop?


Want to save a memory?

Not healthy enough?

Feeling the artist in you waking?

A fan of sports?

Want to travel or know what’s going on around the world?

Apps are the answer to it all.

Everyday new and exciting apps are being created and introduced to the world for the use and ease of many.

Apple took into view this particular usability of apps in everyday and introduced several apps in its products. These apps are used and reviewed by millions of Apple users from around the world.

Several tabs present in the app store help to find the category of apps you want. The search button can also help you find the apps you love. Also the tips and tricks are present on the App store to make better use of the apps you are unfamiliar with.

There are several apps trending on the Apple products nowadays. Some of the most popular ones include Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Bitmoji, Netflix, Google Maps, Gmail, Amazon, Clean My Mac and TikTock.

Some even more specific for the Apple Products include Froggipedia, Fabulous- Motivate Me, Shine, Calm, Water Minder, CARROT Weather, Just Press Record, Swing Tennis Tracker, Lifesum and Fun Gold GPS.

Aside from the list, there are always some apps in a league of their own. A list of such apps with high rating and millions of users is given below.

  1. Apple Store: Love Apple’s products but the retailer is too far away?

Don’t worry, this application makes a way. The Apple Store provides a number of services which includes

  • providing details of shipping
  • locating the nearest retailer store
  • having sessions which tell you how to use a particular product
  • finding the perfect accessory for your phone
  • upgrading your old phone with new ones
  • personalized customer services

Concluding, the Apple Store makes the technology fun, having almost 1 percent of technical errors and the rest operator. For the people using it for the first time, it truly is love at first sight!

  1. Logic Pro X: Are you a thriving musician with less time to travel and less budget to rent all the equipment? This app was made for you!

Logic Pro X is a multi-language app made for the easy creation of music. It is equipped with a number of instruments including drums, keyboard and guitar/bass, and loops. It also provides tools for editing music and gives effective results immediately.

It has a wide range of sounds and layers and also provides navigation. Its autosave function keeps your work secure at all times.  It is a professional music producer which lets you create and switch between different melodies. It can fix out of tune melodies and create acoustics, electronic and hip hop music.

Thus, you can produce fantastic music sitting at any place.

  1. iMovie: In this world of social media, we all want to make movies of ourselves doing exciting stuff and sharing it with your fellows and the world.

iMovie app in Apple’s products allows its users to make fantastic videos. You can browse your favorite videos and share whole or clips of it to your friends and family.

You can also edit, customize, create and record your movies, its standard at par with a Hollywood movie. It has also several filters, themes and effects (slow down, fast forward, music, picture-after-picture). It might seem complicated but it is actually pretty easy to use.

You can simply plug in your keyboard and work with it and then send it and watch it on iCloud. All the videos are saved in the Photo App. Oh! One thing is required . . . and that is an iPad, iPhone or iPod!

  1. Procreate Pocket: all the graphic designers, illustrators, artists and painters,

Your savior is here!

Procreate pocket provides a great app for giving artists a whole toolbox in the palm of their hands. Its features include brushes and stylus that are extremely sensitive to touch and of several sizes, brilliant 3D art anywhere on the go.

It has 64-bit color palette (RG1B, HSB, HEX) including smudging, multiple layers and groups for easy organization, hue, saturation and brightness and extensive export and import options.

Such a great app with a size of 132.3 MB size see1ms amazing right?

  1. 10% Happier: Meditation: Stress is common is this busy society. We all need relaxation.

What is a better way to relax than a method introduced by our ancestors: meditation?

10% Happier is an app which connects the stressed users to the most experienced and cool meditators.  This app helps people to learn to meditate, reduce stress and fight insomnia. This apps provides simple steps to meditate and gives advice on how to cope up with stress and maintain relationships.

Don’t believe my words, well the New York Times does. It is the No.1 app in the Apple’s ‘New Apps We Use’ and has been featured on the Daily Show, Nightline and many more!

  1. App in the Air: Do you love to travel but are worried about your flight details?

App in the Air is for you.

Its motto ‘Fly Smarter’ fits well with its services provided. It tells you the all the details of your flight in one tap. It also provides support by providing maps of the airport, exploring the landmarks over which your flight is travelling, sending an SMS to your loved ones to provide your status.


Let’s fly!

The best part of this app is that this app works offline as well. This app covers North American airlines, all major US airports and over 1000 airlines worldwide.

Final Words:

The above apps were actually just a tip of the ice burg of the multitude of useful apps used by the Apple Products daily. I have been using these best iPhone Apps that have helped me a lot to become more disciplined and productive. I would highly recommend you to download these best iphone apps right now on your mobile and start changing your life.

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