Best iPhone 2019: Which Apple Phone is the Best? [Unbiased Review]

iPhone X/XR/XS/X/8/7/8plus/7plus on the basis of Ram,Display,Storage,Price

Comparing The Latest iPhones

As the new year had come and there are many new phones available in the market. So today I am going to comparing the Latest iPhone. It will help the people that as new iphone XS OR XR etc. Is worth upgrading or are they can stick with their older model.

Many people have different models and it can also vary from region to region “. The specifications provided may not be  100% right as it very upon the model or region”

As there are many models launched in Apple. So we are not going to old school. I will be only comparing the Latest iPhone ones. Due to there is a big difference between there spec and they also nearly are outnumbered in today use. So it will be useless to give a full comparison of them. But I will also cover some of the best features that can be used.

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We will be comparing the:

  • Size of phone
  • Size of display
  • Weight
  • Colors
  • Build
  • Water resistance
  • Screen to body ratio
  • Display resolution
  • Display type
  • Biometric
  • Processor
  • Ram
  • Storage
  • Battery
  • Charging speed
  • Wireless charging
  • Data cable
  • NFC
  • Front camera
  • Back camera
  • Video&photo mode
  • Operating system
  • Assistant
  • Release date
  • Price(us$)

Does Size Of Phone Matter?

latest iphone
Size of the iphone

By comparing the models by this year standard size of the iphone. The iphoneXS are of the same size as of the old model as the iphone. It is the best standard size of the iphone. But it also makes the smallest of the newer iPhone

As the iphone XR & iphone, XS Max has the biggest screen in the Latest iPhone of the flagships. Also, it the smaller than the biggest iphone ever made iphone 8 plus. Iphone 8 & 7 are going very small. If we compare them with the Latest iPhone standard. but it looks good in my opinion


Is This Size Of The Display Is Right?

latest iphone comparing
Display size

Nowadays most of the favorite thing after their price is the size of the screen. The people which like to play games or like to watch movies wanted a bigger screen phone. So that they can enjoy it. In the Latest iPhone flagship, the biggest screen size is of the iphone XS MAX after. It comes to the same year model iphone XR only inches less.

The iphone X, XS has the same size as the display after. It comes the old flagship iphone 8 plus and 7 plus, These are the models which make the first introduction of the bigger screen iphone. They have the 5.5inch screen their normal model iphone 7 & 8 have the shortest display ever. It is 4.7inch way shorter than the 8 & 7 plus and very shorter than the iphone XS MAX and the other iphone released in 2018

The Weight Of iPhones Heavy Or Light?

comparing the latest iphone
The weight of the iphone

The weight may be the biggest thing about the iPhones as. The iphone are thought the sexiest phone of the world as.  They are perfect in every way. So due to the biggest size of all other iphone XS MAX is the heaviest iphone.   Keeping it up is the 2nd heaviest iphone is the XR.

The perfect weight of the iphone. I like is iphone X as it has the perfect weight after it. The all other models the iphone 8 plus is also in the heavy list as. It weighs around 202g If you are weight conscious. Then you should go for the iphone 8 or 7 as. They are the only iphone that weight very less.

Choice Of Colours Matter?

latest iphone comparing
colors of iphone

More the new phone more of the new colors. But some people like them so what can be done? This question was solve out by the apple by giving the new colors and not taking out all the odd colors. As the space grey, silver, gold is the normal day demand but some people wanted to try new colors.

Apple introduced some of the old shades in the new modification or by changing the total colors, Here I am talking about the bright red, rose gold, jet black and matt black colors that apple offered in some of the new models. Although the colors of all the models have slightly different shades from the previous ones.

Build Quality Checked!

latest iphone comparing
Body Quality of iPhone


Before buying every customer have a question in his mind that what he\she is buying is reliable or not, Can it remain saved if accidentally saved, Keeping in this Apple had given different body to the different models?AS the new ones are of made their glass bodies

The iphone7 & 7 plus and older models got the semi aluminum body which is lighter but it does not allow the wireless charging feature, So they change the material in the glass back, The glass on the back of the iphone is not the simple one it has a good grade. But glass is glass after all.

!Dropped in The Pool?

latest iphone comparing
Waterproof iPhone

This type of thing normally doesn’t occur, AS it is becoming a trend in the new safety features that phone must be water resistant, Only the Apple newly released iphone XS, XR, XS MAX is the IP68 it means that the phone is dust and waterproof and can survive under some circumstances

AS it can’t be submerged more than (6.6ft) also not more than 30 min. All the older models up to iphone 7 are IP67 that mean same as of the upper told conditions only half the time & half the feet,As by getting this all of this I don’t nor Apple recommend the user to test it on these conditions as some of the other factors also matter, So good luck if you are going to test it after all warning.

Screen To Body Ratio Look

latest iphone comparing
Body to the Screen ratio of iPhone

The screen size has also become as. It matters on the screen to body that how much of the body is covering the screen. Like the design on iphone 7, 8, 7plus, 8plus looks very old nowadays. That why Apple launched a new design on the iphone X making it very beautiful.

The people liked it so much that the. Apple expires old design completely and gave three new phones with the same design as the iphoneX. In this new design, the screen is moved to edge to edge to form a big screen, for example. The iphone 8 plus and iphone XS MAX are of the same physical size. But the screen of iphone 8 plus is smaller an inch due to the old design.

Is Display HD On iPhone?

latest iphone comparing
Screen resolution of the iPhone

Apple has a very low reputation for the display (PPI, pixel per inch). It has the less number of the pixel than the other competitors in the markets. Only iphone 8 plus and iphone 7 plus are the ones that have a 1080p display. Others don’t they are marked in the middle

As they have the 720p,2k, QHD, and Higher but it not so bad after all. It gives a good result and also the upgrading of the newer screen technology. They are  enhancing the viewing experience

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What Screen Type It Had?

latest iphone comparing
Display technology of iPhone

There is a major change in the technology of the screen. In the last update, the Iphone X got the new display named as the OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode). As the rival of the Apple-like Samsung and the google are using it very mildly. So I am going to say that it is a major change.

The iphone XR,7plus and 8 plus, got the old IPS LCD(In-plane Switching Liquid Crystal Displayed). It is also very good as both of these technologies have some of the pros and cons. That the OLED displayed more vivid colors and high contrast. But in its rival, the IPS LCD has a sharper and clearer result. As if you are to spot a difference side by side then you need to have an eagle eye.

Secured Login With Biometric & Face unlock

latest iPhone
locks of iphone

As according to the old standard the fingerprint sensors are now. Old method used to login in the different iPhones models. As it was first announced in the iPhone 5s. Then this technology was made more efficient and still making it more reliable by improving it. As they have given the new fingerprint sensor series 2 to the iphone 6s and the later models.

Series 2 is faster than any other sensor and more secure. It can read even after you have just touched the tip of the finger that you have registered. Now the fingerprint is said to be old. Due to a new method have occurred as which Apple claimed to be more secure. Face unlock is new method Apple offered it from iPhone X and the newly released iphone XS, XR, XS MAX.

Good working processor

latest iphone
CPU of iPhone

Apple has a different processor as they are specially optimized for the iphone. That works with the same model and gives the best out of the iphone. As the iphone 7and 7 plus is fitted with the A10 fusion that is a good deal until now. Can open app fastly and play high-end games on the lower graphics.

Now the latest iPhone 8 & 8 plus,iPhone X, iPhone XS, XR, XS MAX have got the new bionic chip as it is faster and intelligent than the fusion chip. As Apple claimed that the A12 which is the latest chip can open app up to 70% faster. Can play to more 30%  smoother high-end graphics games. I think it is best to offer until now

Access App Faster (RAM)

latest iphone
RAM of iPhone

Apple had given always the less RAM from its competitors. As thanks to its special optimization. It has full control over app work rightly with all the hardware of the iPhones. This is the reason Apple doesn’t have any drawback from RAM.

The latest model iPhone XS, XS MAX have gotten a 4GB of RAM. Which is a standard nowadays for every high-end phone although. I think it is less because all its competitors had given the 6GB or 8GB of ram in their devices. But due to its special optimization, it gave never less work than its competitors

Less Storage Not a Problem Any More!

latest iphone
ROM of iPhone

iPhones are not supported by external storage. Due to its privacy issue. Apple had covered it very good in recent years. As it has offered in iPhone 7 & 7 plus 32GB & 128GB it is very good storage it can cover many data. If it is used with some tricks it can be enough for any time.

Apple then introduced the more storage 64GB, 256 GB which is soo much that. It can be store many data but due to some people have to store. Different data can exceed this option then. Now with the latest iPhone XS, XS MAX Apple gives. A new option of 512GB storage which is very good storage. In means of heavy data like shooting and others stuff

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Battery  Usage Time?

latest iphone
Battery Power of iPhone

Originally Apple never tells the battery figures in public. As we get them after that model has rolled out then some of the tech experts. Reviews the battery and tells us the numeric figures. That how much battery range (mAh). Apple only tells how much battery can be more used in time by comparing to its last model.

As now the latest measuring of the battery tell by the Apple is “iPhone XS last 30min longer then the iPhone X & 90min longer in iPhone XS MAX . For iPhone XR it will last longer apprently an hour & half then the iPhone 8 plus.

In numeric the iphone XS is 2658mAh & iPhone XS MAX is 3174mAh & iPhone XR is 2942mAh.

Charging Speed & Time

latest iphone comparing
Charging speed

My most favorite topic is the charging speed and its time to charge. As now everyone is talking about the fast charging its means to charge not with the normal speed. Also using some of the accessories to charge fast. As this function is included in the software so. Apple includes this in their Latest iPhone models that are now rolling out. So also with the fast-changing. You have to buy the cable & adapter that Apple has offered

Does It Charge In The Air?

latest iphone comparing
Wireless Charging iPhone

Apple has given it wireless charging option soo late that it Now does seem an option. Although it is not an option that everyone used or come in handy. It is due to that for “wireless charging” you have to buy a new external accessory. There are many more iPhone compatible accessories that can also be used & is cheap.

Charging Cable 2.0 or 3.0(Ports)?

latest iphone comparing
Ports of iPhone

The models up to the iPhone 6 and 6s have got the headphone jack and lightning charger. It is much better than their old one 40 pin charger. Now the Apple is also taking away the headphone jack as they said. “lighting cable is initially made for the music purpose “. But after they Are using it as a charging cable.

By doing this they are encouraging there customer to buy their Bluetooth device for music. Because now you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time. I agree with the Apple because once you used it you will not go back to the wired.

Mini ATM Due to “NFC”!

latest iphone comparing
NFC Of iPhones

Apple had launched it Apple pay that allow people to buy anything and no need to carry their ATM, Wallet etc. As in our busy daily routine, many of us forget many time our wallet and the atm debit card. So Apple makes it easier for us it is only valid for the shop that has Apple pay system. It is now coming in all the latest model from the iPhone 5s. Here’s a secret I mostly forget my wallet but not my mobile. Apple pay makes it easy for me.

Here Is The Selfie Expert Face Camera!

latest iphone comparing
Front Camera Of iPhone

The iPhone front camera is good at lighting. Although it is the same from the iPhone 7 and 7plus. That is the 7MP,f/2.2 it has a very good result on the face time video calling

Apple has introduced a new thing. Depth sensing along in addition to the front camera in iPhone X. Which can make a 3d scan of your face. It will also make mimojies (funny cartoon ) of your face and by reading your facial expressions it will act the same as you do.

Take Good Shots With Rear Camera

latest iphone comparing
Rear camera of iPhone

Not many of the camera had changed on the Latest iPhone as its. Some of the technology had changed that make its photo better and bright by getting the same 12MP camera. The plus models got some extra features like the wide angle and telephoto.

Although it never gets you back down if you see the numbers of the MP. I can assure you that it can rival his competitors that have gotten the 16MP or 23MP due to its technology.

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Video Quality & Features & Modes

latest iphone comparing
Features of the iPhone

Now the Latest iPhone is getting very good camera videos result. After the iPhone 5s, all the models are getting HDR( high dynamic range) which captures the good photo in low light and blends the photo an equal light effect. Also now in the Latest iPhone models, you can capture up to 4K, FHD and have the ability of optical stabilization.

One of my best features of the camera is the slo-mo video that now you can capture a slo-mo video in 240fps video in 1080p. Only in iphone 7 and 7 plus, older models from it cannot take slo-mo at 240fps in 1080p only can take. Slo-mo at 720p it is also good in high light but lacks some details in low light.

Other modes are available only in the iPhone X and the models that have come after it. Likes mimojies, 3D scan front portrait picture. Mimojies are the cartoon characters based on the avatar same like of Xbox and the Mii. it copies your face reaches and changes into your favorite character looks same that what you are saying and doing.

OS (Operating System)

latest iphone comparing
Software of iphone

“Apple had its own custom made an operating system. Which is made by the Apple own programmers and officially” it is only valid for the Apple products no other. Every OS is specially designed for the Latest iPhone seeing its hardware to get full performance out of its hardware.

“Apple” launches new OS every once a year with the new iphone. Although the newer version is available in beta version for the testing and changes to make it. After the released of the new OS Apple keep giving minors update to the software to keep its security update and to keep its old models working goods

Need Of An Assitant?

latest iphone comparing
Virtual Assistant of iPhone

Siri is the official virtual assistant of the Apple devices it was first launched in the Iphone 4s After that it had gotten soo better with every update. It recognizes your voice and gets your command done so you don’t have to move a finger. This feature is very helpful in driving and if your device is placed far away from you.

This is a software feature which is getting better day by day and getting new updates.N ow Siri is not a big deal Apple now gave Siri in every device.

Releasing Of The Latest iPhone?

latest iphone comparing
Released Dates Of iPhone

Apple normally launches its Latest iPhone in the month of the September and they are shipped in October. Also, Apple only launches one to the iphone once a year. After the 5s Apple launches two iPhone one simple and one with a bigger screen.

After it the Apple started to launched three iPhones 7, 7 plus, iPhone SE. Last year Apple launched three as u probably know iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR. The main surprise is that Apple launched three phones on the same date and with its Other products.

Can You Afford New iPhone (Price US$)

latest iphone comparing
Prices Of iPhones

iPhones are always expensive one’s phones. Due to its brand image and the good product, it never loses its customer. Apple Latest iPhone also with the new release cuts the price of the old models AS of the iphone 8 plus and the iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone X is still at a high price but when compared to its the newly released iphone XS MAX it is nothing. Its the price of about 1599$ and the X is  1300$. I recommend the iPhone X but if you like the Latest iPhone features and look you can go for the iPhone XR.

“If you find anything wrong or any new update, Feel free to contact me. Also, tell me how did this help you” “Thank you”


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