[Buyers Guide] Best iPads to Buy for Yourself Today

Read These Reviews Before Buying an ipad

[Buyers Guide] Best iPads to Buy for Yourself Today

If you are looking forward to buy an iPad then you are in the right place. We have enlisted the best ipads to buy for yourself.

Many friends ask me about which iPad to buy according to their circumstances. Apple is selling different models, each with their unique strength.

As iPads generally look same, so you should know what you are buying.

So, the answer to the question “which iPad to buy” is right here. This guidance tells you about the best iPads available right now.

iPad 9.7-inch:

This iPad is one of the best iPads because it has an original Apple Pencil. It is lighter, thinner and very powerful and way cheaper. Sixth generation tablet has the very same size 9.7-inch screen as iPads have had from start.

IPad 9.7-inch

The only downside is that it has no smart connector to keyboards so it needs a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard. It is released from March 2018. The Operating system in this model is iOS 11.3 which is upgradable to iOS 12.1.

It has an internal memory of 32 GB / 128 GB with 2 GB Ram. It has face detection and different qualities of video. It is available in silver, gold, and space grey colors. It’s talk time is up to ten hours. 

Some more specifications are:

Display-size 9.7-inch
Display-resolution 2048×1536 px
pixel density 264 ppi
processor A10+M10
Main Camera   8 megapixel
Selfie Camera 1.2 megapixel
Battery Non-removable li-lon (32.4 wh)


iPad Pro:

Apple is trying to make their pro tablets better by making them small. iPad of this type is not a cheap one. Same as the new iPhone, it eliminates the home button with the favor of face ID and display is in two sizes.

The result of the elimination of button is the reduction in bezels around the display. Apple is replacing the home button with gestures that are available in iOS 12.

 It has a 13-inch display like the size of a magazine, so it is wonderful for drawing.

iPad picture

It is the best stylus and it pairs with device and charges wirelessly because it magnetically clings to the side of the tablet. It has a smart keyboard. In iPhone X, face ID only works in portrait mode.

According to a report, Apple hasn’t fixed this problem, so iPad Pro will also be in portrait mode to unlock.

If we talk about the price of this model, as everybody knows Apple is keeping their price consistent.

As the price of iPad 2015 was about $799 and so is the price of the 2nd generation tablet, so there is a good chance that the price of this iPad would be about $799.

Some specs are not changing in this model as memory will be of the same size as of the last year iPad Pro. 

iPad Pro specifications are:

screen resolution 2732×2048 px
pixel density 264 ppi
storage capacity •64 GB •256 GB •512GB


iPad 10.5-inch

This iPad has the home button, extra large screen, the keyboard that charges magnetically,  very powerful processor and responsive apple Pencil. It has a very colorful screen than normal iPads and it is also in a very appropriate range.

Its operating system is iOS 10.3.2 which is upgradable to 12.1. It has an internal memory of 64 GB,  256 GB and 512 GB with 4 GB of ram.

It’s main camera is of 12 megapixel and selfie camera of 7 megapixels. Its supporter browser is HTML 5 (safari). 


screen resolution 2224×1668 px
pixel density   264 ppi
battery non-removable Li-lon 8134 mAh battery (30.8 wh)
talk time up to 10 hr (multimedia)


iPad Mini 4 (Best for travel):

This iPad is only 8-inch iPad that is still in the market. It should not cost $399. However, the best thing about this product is that they age gracefully and iPad mini have to operate well for few coming years . One of the best benefits is that you get 128 GB of storage.iPad mini picture

Its operating system is iOS 9 which can be upgraded to 12.1. Its chipset is Apple A8 (20nm). It’s internal memory is available in 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB with 2 GB Ram. It’s price is about 360 EUR. The talk time of this model is the same as others is of 10 hr ( multimedia ). 

Specifications are:

screen size   7.9 inch
screen resolution 2048×1536 px
pixel density   326 ppi
Camera (main: 8mp) , (selfie: 1.2 mp )
Battery   5124 mAh battery ( 19.1 wh )
colors   space grey, silver, gold


iPad (2017) [cheaper]:

This iPad was released in March 2017. Although this iPad has been replaced by 2018 model but this 2017 iPad is still pretty good if you can found it at low cost.

Try to save at least $60. It has a 2015 A9 chip, which makes it like an iPhone 6S. So, it is fast for basic tasks and other aspects are very similar to the latest models except for pencil support.

This iPad has scratch resistant glass and has the operating system of iOS 10.3 which is upgradable to 12.1.  It’s the main camera is same of 8 mp with 1.2 mp selfie camera.  It’s the price is about 390 EUR. 

Some specifications are:

9.7-inch display
2048×1536 screen-resolution
Apple A9 processor
Two stereo speakers
1.03 pounds
dual-core 1.84 GHz 
10 hrs talk time
264 pixel density



iPad Air 2:

This iPad is the 2014 model, but iPads have not changed much since 2014 unless you ready for 2018 iPad Pro. New models do outpower the Air 2, but this old model still runs the latest versions of iOS without interruption, so it makes it good for the tasks.

iPad Pro picture

It can’t be one’s favorite iPad, I guess, but if you have the ability to nab a good bargain, you can get 2 years life of this iPad before it grows very slow to use.

It is made up of scratch resistant glass with oleophobic coating. It’s iOS is 8.1 which is upgradable to 12.1.  The chipset of Apple A8X has Triple core 1.5 GHz processor with octa-core graphics. Its internal memory is 16 GB,  32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB with 2 GB Ram. 

Some more specifications are given below :

9.7-inch display
1536×2048 screen-resolution
pixel density 264 ppi
2 GB Ram
16 GB internal memory


iPad has struggled with their identity over the years because they all have the same look, But once you started to realize how much interesting things are in iPads, you will definitely love to have a look on all of them and then choose according to your circumstances.  

Final Words:

Tell us about your reviews and if anything, you think is missing or something you want to know more, ask in the comments section below.

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