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[Step by Step] How to Authorize Computer For iTunes

How to Authorize Computer For iTunes

We all facing the same problem, get a new iPhone Device and can not authorize computer for iTunes, so you will not enjoy the features of your device freely.

The most common problem why not authorize computer for Itunes is due to the already many devices are previously authorized. In the case of iTunes, there is a limitation that only five computers are authorized at a time.

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If you authorize five computer with iTunes, then you can never be authorized with the six computer due to iTunes private policy. Authorization is very important because it permits pc users to access your photos, audios, videos, movies, music and other content which you have in the iPhone.

So, If you did not authorize computer for iTunes, then you can never access the digital copy your contents. Authorization of computer for your iTunes is very quick and painless. In this article, I will explain to you how to authorize computer for iTunes.

Authorize computer for iTunes

How to check How Many Computers You have Authorized for iTunes?

In this section, I will explain everything about how you can check how many computers are authorized for your iTunes. If you do not know how many computers, you have authorized to access your iTunes then follow the guide, and you will find out.

  • Firstly you need to open your Itunes.
  • Then Click on the sign in in the upper right corner of the iTunes
  • In case you already sign in iTunes account then icon shows signed in.
  • Enter the apple id and password.
  • Make sure your internet connection is very working properly.
  • Then click on account info.
  • It will ask you password, so enter your Apple password again.
Authorize computer for iTunes
Authorize computer for iTunes
  • Then check the computer authorizations to see how many computers you have authorized for your iTunes.
Authorize computer for iTunes
Authorize computer for iTunes

How to Authorize Your Computer for iTunes?

Authorizing computer for iTunes is very simple and easy. You can authorize your computer within few minutes for iTunes. It does not matter that your system is windows based and mac system. The authorization of iTunes for both systems is identical. You have to download the latest version of iTunes before authorizing a computer for iTunes.

  • Firstly, Open iTunes on the computer you want to authorize for it.
  • Then select the store from the menu which is located on the left corner of your computer screen.
  • Now click on the authorization this computer.
  • Enter the apple id and password.
  • Then click on the authorize.
Authorize computer for iTunes
Authorize computer for iTunes
  • After that, you will get the notification that says the authorization was successful.
Authorize computer for iTunes
Authorize computer for iTunes
  • Then click on ok to continue.

DE-authorize your computer for iTunes

  • If you want to de authorize your computer, then open iTunes
  • Then select store option and choose the De-authorize this computer.
  • For verification, a windows pop out which required your apple id and password.
Authorize computer for iTunes
Authorize computer for iTunes
  • Then enter the id and password and then click on Deauthorize.

Before Deauthuroizaton your computer makes sure that your computer is making some hardware changes. then, iTunes might regard the system as a new computer, and it will count against your limits.

Authorize Computer For iTunes

It is a straightforward method to deauthorize the computer. Another problem may occur such that if you cannot remember which computer you authorize for your iTunes.

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Then relax, we also have a solution to that problem as well feel free. iTunes offers a fail-safe method for deauthorizing all computer which your register for your iTunes. It has a little disadvantage which is that you can only deauthorize all the computer once in the whole year.

Deauthorize all computer for iTunes
  • In iTunes, firstly click on the Itunes
  • Once the store is loaded then click on the sign in option which is located top right corner.
  • Now input your apple id and password.
  • Then In the quick links section, click on the account.
  • In the account information section, click the deauthorize all buttons.
Authorize computer for iTunes
Authorize computer for iTunes
  • A confirmation notification will appear and then click the deauthorize all the computer.
Final Words:

Well done, you successfully deauthorize all the computer for your iTunes. Hopefully, now you can enjoy the freedom, and keep these instructions handy for the next time, or if you get the benefit from this article then kindly share it with your friends. If I missed anything then tell us in the comment section I will update the article thanks.


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